Marlin Vacuums

Product Description

A revolution in pool vacuums is here! Canada’s first commercial cordless pool vacuum, the Marlin. Forget about your cord problems (tangled cords,  cords getting pulled out of the vacuum, cord wrapping around play features, etc.) …all of those problems are solved with the Marlin!

The Marlin goes like this:

  1. Hang the wireless charger into the pool
  2. Touch the Marlin to the charger as you release it into the pool
  3. Walk away, and come back to a clean pool!

The Marlin is loaded with tons of great features:

  • Vacuum is completely wireless!
  • Sizes for 25 meter and 50 meter pools
  • Maneuvers over drain covers and even climbs/cleans stairs
  • Suitable for beach entry pools
  • Programmable cleaning time cycle
  • Programmable floor vs. wall cleaning time
  • Programmable speed
  • Self-charging. Wireless induction charger hangs over the pool wall and the Marlin docks itself to charge when the battery runs low. When its fully charged, it leaves the charger and starts cleaning again.
  • Simple set-up
  • Programmable via smartphone app
  • Diagnostic feature via smartphone app
  • Durable stainless steel filter
  • Communication box allows recall of the vacuum with one button push
  • Cart mounted option available
  • Permanently installed charger available for new construction.

Product Codes

M-MARLIN-MAD5Z1: Marlin Power (25 Meter Pools)
M-MARLIN-MAL5Z1: Marlin Super Power (50 Meter Pools)
M-MARLIN-CART: Cart w/ Mounted Charger:

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