Product Description

The TigerShark robotic pool cleaner is a simple and effective way to reduce the time it takes keeping your pool clean.  The basic TigerShark with a 55′ cord will handle most hotel/condo pools, automatically moving along the pool floor and walls on a 4-hour cleaning cycle.

The TigerShark 2 is the same unit but with a 100′ cord and the motor runs a 7-hour cleaning cycle.  Both options have a 1-year warranty.

Product Codes

RC9990 - TigerShark (55' Cord, no cart)
RC99385 - Cart for TigerShark
RC9956 - TigerShark 2 (100' Cord, with cart)

TigerShark Parts Diagram
RCX70101 - Replacement Filter Cartridge (set of 2)

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