Water Quality Monitoring Systems

We believe water quality monitoring equipment is of vital importance in proper pool operation. This reaches outside of just testing chlorine and pH a couple times per day; with modern day equipment, ongoing monitoring of turbidity, free chlorine, total chlorine, and pH is easily achieved. That, along with enhanced filtration, oxidation and advanced testing equipment makes for easy and modern pool operation.

This facility in Northern BC was running extremely outdated chemical control systems, so we gave them a serious upgrade. All in, this job included:

Supply and installation of Prominent AEGIS II Chemical controllers with free chlorine readings and control (not just ORP!)

Supply and installation of Georg Fischer in-line turbidimeters for ongoing clarity monitoring

Supply and installation of the WAPOTEC® system

Supply and training on PoolLab and PrimeLab water testing equipment

Supply of The Swimsuit Dryers

It could not have turned out better!