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Nordesco Industries is a Canadian manufacturer of commercial grade swimming pool accessories. Their line includes deck equipment, aquatic fitness supplies and pool toys. They have been designing and manufacturing pool equipment for the past 20-years, concentrating on the commercial institutional market.

Product Description

The Racing Lane lines’ flow-through design controls water turbulence by allowing wave energy to be dispersed and channelled along the lane. Each lane consists of a series of polyethylene disks and donuts. Both the 10-cm (4″) disk and the 15-cm (6″) disk lanes meet all FINA standards and are available with tensioner or ratchet reel. Each disk is designed to rotate independently of the others, thus allowing wave energy to be absorbed and dispersed along the lane. This wave reduction optimizes pool conditions for training and competition. The racing lanes are available in a 6 colours (red, blue, white, green, yellow, and black) and are shipped fully assembled with a vinyl-coated stainless-steel cable.

Available in 25M, 50M and custom lengths

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