Duraflex Springboards

Product Description

The Duraflex aluminium diving boards are a single piece ribbed extrusion of heat-treated, aircraft grade aluminium alloy. A torsional stabilizer is attached to the bottom. The boards are coated with a slip resistant surface. The underside of the board is protected by rubber channels attached to the ribs.

Warning: Pools with diving equipment must conform to minimum pool depth, overhead and basin profiles as per local building code and/or FINA standards. Consult your local safety codes office for more information. Ordering any new or replacement equipment acknowledges you have verified compliance for the intended or current installation.

Product Codes

66-231-330: 16' Maxiflex Model B Competitive Board
66-231-326: 16' Duraflex Recreational Board
66-231-324: 14' Duraflex Recreational Board

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