Shallow Bed Models:

  1. 42" Diameter (9.26 sq.ft)
  2. 47" Diameter (12.16 sq. ft)

Standard & Deep Bed Models

  1. 42" Diameter (9.26 sq.ft)
  2. 47" Diameter (12.16 sq. ft)
  3. 55" Diameter (16.58 sq. ft)
  4. 63" Diameter (21.64 sq. ft)
  5. 71" Diameter (27.34 sq. ft)
  6. 79" Diameter (33.80 sq. ft)
  7. 86" Diameter (40.30 sq. ft) - standard bed only
  8. 93" Diameter (46.72 sq. ft)

Horizontal Models:

  1. 34" Tank Diameter: 13.5 Ft², 15.3 Ft², 17.5 Ft², 19.3 Ft², 23.7 Ft²
  2. 42" Tank Diameter: 15.7 Ft², 17.5 Ft², 20 Ft², 22.5 Ft², 25 Ft², 27.5 Ft², 31 Ft², 36 Ft², 41 Ft², 46 Ft²
  3. 48" Tank Diameter: 24 Ft², 29 Ft², 34 Ft², 38 Ft², 44 Ft², 48 Ft², 52 Ft²
  4. 63" Tank Diameter: 32 Ft², 37 Ft², 41 Ft², 46 Ft², 51 Ft²

Poltank Filters

Poltank filters are manufactured using CNC controlled filament winding equipment. The tanks are constructed with a dual laminate process consisting of a non-continuous strand and roving inner structure combined with a filament wound outer structure. The tanks superior construction is resistant to fatigue associated with operation cycling, corrosion and scaling and will provide decades of reliable service. Poltank filters are NSF50 approved.

Tanks are available in 19 different vertical configurations and 27 different horizontal models, there’s a filter suited for every commercial application.

Poltank vertical filters are offered in a deep bed configuration offering a industry leading 48″ media depth. This media depth coupled with our WAPOTEC system offers advanced filtration.

Filters are available with side access hatches, media view windows, acutated valves, single lever linkage (for backwashing) and a range of other options.  Contact our office for help sizing your Poltank filter!

Waterco Sand Filters

Not every sand filter is created equal! The trend in north america has unfortunately lead to compromised sand filtration with cheaper shallow or spherical filter design profiles. Waterco’s commerical fiberglass vertical filters adhere to good quality design principles and are available in an array of sizes to meet the needs of any pool. We highly recommend considering the deep bed filter models. A well designed sand filter with proper flocculant/coagulant dosing will filter better than any pressure or vacuum pre-coat style (DE/Perlite) filter.

Triton Filters

Mer-Made Sand Filters

Mer-Made Horizontal Sand filters are available in 3 tank diameters and multiple lengths. They are stackable to fit almost any filter room. These filters have a single slotted underdrain assembly that runs the length of the tank so broken laterals are not an issue an operator has to worry about. The filters alsoinclude a front mounted pressure gauge panel and an access hatch that can be mounted on the back or either side.

Contact our sales team to see if these filters are a good fit for your renovation or new construction project.

Mer-Made Precoat Filters

Mer-Made manufactures the best replacement precoat (DE) filter leaves and covers available. The Mer-Made leaves are built from thick high impact ABS, heavier and longer lasting than generic replacements. The filter covers are made of a woven monofilament polyethylene and feature a velcro end closure.

Tagelus Filters

A common filter in many hotel & condo swimming pools. The small tank diameter and top mounted multi port valve make it a good choice where space is scarce. The Tagelus filter tank is constructed in one piece from fiberglass reinforced material to deliver unmatched strength and durability for years of service.

Astral Sand Filters

Astral Vertical Sand Filters are constructed from filament wound fiberglass. They feature a large media drain port, dual pressure gauges and made of non-corrosive materials.

The standard filer has 3′ of media depth and 4′ on the deep bed version.

For rooms with height restrictions, short filters (2′ media depth) are available for the 42″ and 47″ diameter tanks.

Hayward Filters

The next generation HCF Series Sand Filters resets the bar for quality and performance in the recreational water market. This new line of filters builds on its existing fully-engineered design by incorporating many exciting new features. The new rapid open/close tool-free lid mechanism features an industrial-grade yoke assembly and a massive 12″ x 16″ manway with two viewing windows to allow for visual inspection while filter is in operation. Along with non-corrosive glass filled ABS legs, these new features afford users and service personnel an unprecedented level of convenience in media loading and filter inspection. The infusion molded, gel-coated thermoset fiberglass structure is complemented with oversized, gridarray laterals to improve filtration and lengthen filter cycle time. The range has expanded to address the requirements of the renovation/replacement market with the introduction of new 34″ models capable of fitting through standard 36″ doors.

• Commercial-grade, 1 ½”, self cleaning injection molded, 180º slotted laterals arranged in a grid-array provide superior filtration performance
• Industrial-grade, infusion molded, gel-coated, multi-layer, glass-reinforced,
thermoset composite structure
• Self leveling, injection molded support legs, permanently bonded to the tank,
suitable for Zone 4 earthquake conditions
• Large 12” x 16” top opening for easy media loading and filter inspection
• Full 1” bottom media drain including ¾” integral water drain with media screen
• NSF listed

Filter Spec Sheet

Wapotec Filters

WAPOTEC filters are an achievement in filter design and construction. These deep bed, multi-layer filters are made in Germany to meet the strict Europen DIN performance standard and have a longer service life than conventional north american filters. The WAPOTEC filter does not have any laterals that can break and cause pool downtime, instead the filter floor is fitted with small nozzles that can be plugged if needed from the filter underside. Other innovations include a patented HYFLOW diffuser that ensures an even filter bed, and a filter view window with light so that the backwash can be monitored and flow adjusted to prevent excessive backwash flow rates resulting in filter bed disturbance and media loss.

These filters can be shipped in pieces and assembled on site for renovation projects where space is an issue