Phosphate Test Kit

Natural Chemistry Products

Natural Chemistry is a leading swimming pool specialty chemical manufacturer. The product line is based on the use of natural enzymes and phosphate removal products to make a pool operator's life easier.

Product Description

Excessive phosphates levels can contribute to recurring algae growth. Phosphates are introduced into pool water from soaps, outside contamination and deck/change room cleaning products. Test weekly or monthly to accuratly dose PhosFree.


1. There must be NO live algae when testing for phosphates.
Live algae holds phosphates "in" so the phosphate reading will be low. If all algae is dead you will have a correct reading.

2. Chlorine must be under 5ppm before testing for phosphates.
If chlorine is above 5ppm it will strip the reagent on the test strip giving an inaccurate reading


1 Kit = 100 single use test strips

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