Elite Starting Platforms

Product Description

After years of research, design, experience and investment, Nordesco has designed what they believe to be the best starting platform ever, The Elite Starting Platform, available in two models: standard and track start. The mind creation was based on providing a world’s top caliber elite performance platform with maximum rigidity, grip, versatility and durability. This ultra-sturdy, sleek design mono-block weighs approximately 80 pounds (standard model) and 90 pounds (track start model) and both are made of electrostatic polyester powder coated stainless steel, in a sparkle silver color. The track start model features doors on both sides for easy access to speakers and deck plates. Equipped with a track start that is adjustable in 9 possible positions with 1 inch increments, it is so easy to move, it can be moved using only one finger. Both models meet FINA requirements and have an extra-large platform (ELITE TRACK START 27” X 28”, ELITE STANDARD 24” X 27”); as well, both are equipped with a non-skid take-off surface which is available in 9 surface color choices.
Nordesco has raised the bar; swimmers get ready for the start of their life.

Product Codes

Without Track Start: 61.1200
With Track Start: 61.1300
Bronze Anchor: 61.0001

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