ColorQ 2X PRO 7

ColorQ Test Kit

Product Description

The new ColorQ 2X has replaced the Pro6/Pro7. This is an updated version of the same quick, easy to use and cost effective water test kit to meet the needs of basic day to day water testing.  The kit includes an easy to read digital meter, soft carrying case and start-up supply of test reagents (30 ml or 100 tablets). The ColorQ 2X uses the same liquid reagents and CYA tablet as the previous generation kits. The new tablet reagents for Alkalintiy and Calcium hardness are not compatible with previous generation kits.

Ask our sales team for our ColorQ test guide for information on testing errors, kit maintenance & reagent expiry. Replacement liquid reagents are also available in 60 ml sizes.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Parameters Tested:

Free Chlorine 0 - 10 ppm
Total Chlorine 0 - 10 ppm
pH 6.5 - 8.5
Total Alkalinity 0 - 300 ppm
Calcium Hardness 0 - 600 ppm
Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer) 0 - 150 ppm

Accessories/Product Codes

DPD1, DPD3 and pH - 30 ml reagent bottle (144 tests/bottle)
DPD1, DPD3 and pH - 60 ml reagent bottle (244 tests/bottle)
Alkalinity Reagent Tablets - 100: 3896A
Calcium Hardness Tablets - 100: 3887A
Test Tube for 2X: 0205
Test Tube for 2X (CYA TEST): 0206

Alkalinity Liquid Reagent - 30 or 60 ml (previous generation):7038
Cal Hardness Tablets - 100 (previous generation PRO 6): 3883A Cal Hardness Liquid Reagent #1 - 30 ml (previous generation PRO 7): 7042
Cal Hardness Liquid Reagent #2 - 30 ml (previous generation PRO 7): 7041
Test Tube (Previous Generation): 0201

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