Chemical Control System Replacement

Safety in a pool mechanical/chemical system is a top priority. For our friends in Northern Alberta we removed their old liquid chlorine and acid slurry systems in favor of AccuTab & AcidRite for pH and chlorine control. Alongside that we installed a Dinotec Aquatouch with rock solid free chlorine control, color touch screen and remote access!

The key components of this job:

  1. Remove old sodium hypochlorite system, and replace it with the AccuTab calcium hypochlorite feed system
  2. Remove old sodium bisulfate slurry system and install the AcidRite system in its place.
  3. Consolidate three outdated chemical controllers into a new Aquatouch controller
  4. Installed approximately 1000′ of PVC pipe, with Georg Fischer valves and fittings!
  5. This job took place overĀ  7 days total, by two of our technicians