Chemical Automation System Installation

Edmonton Area, AB

Accurate chemical measurement and control is of utmost importance. This system installed measures free chlorine, pH, ORP, temperature, and flow. The chlorine sensor is extremely accurate (within 0.02!) when properly calibrated. Most chlorine sensors are very flow sensitive, but the Aquatouch has a built in flow meter to compensate for any small variances in flow. This gives it one of the most accurate chlorine readings out there. Additionally this chemical controller powers and controls three dosing pumps as part of the WAPOTEC System. The dosing rate is programmed right on the controller and there’s no guesswork when it comes to adjusting pump output.

We’re proud to have installed:

Dinotec Aquatouch Chemical Controllers

Dinotec DinoDos START Level BUS Metering Pumps

Seametrics Flow Meter Displays

Upgrades to existing WAPOTEC System

Check out the before/after photos!