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Surge Polarized Goggles

The Surge Goggle is designed for Open Water &Triathlon training. Its polarized polycarbonate lens provides optimum clarity and reduces eye strain. 99% of vertical glare is removed, includes both UVA and UVB protection with an anti-fog treatment. The wide curved lens re-duces distortion and enables optimal peripheral viewing. With the patented side-button clips you can adjust the strap tension instantly. Uses a one piece comfortable frame that is over molded for increased durability. The silicone split-strap provides extra comfort and security.

Sold individually or in cases of 6 per style

Shockwave Goggles

The Shockwave Goggles use curved polycarbonate lenses that provide optimal viewing in both indoor and outdoor environments. The Smoke style comes with High Definition lenses that filter out blue light and improve contrast and depth perception. The Clear style gives you the same viewing quality, but does not distort the color indoors. The curved lenses provide a wider angle of vision, while also wrapping comfortably around the face. Comes with a silicone split-strap that is threaded threw a patented side-button clip for quick and easy adjusting.

Cascade Goggles

The Cascade Goggles are made of a soft one-piece frame that increases comfort and durability. The fitness goggles have a one-piece silicone strap that is threaded through an adjustable side clip. The soft gasket gives the goggles a leak-proof seal, and the fit is ideal for swimmers 14 years and older.

Sold individually or in cases of 6 per style

Energy Goggles

The Energy Goggles are our most comfortable fitness goggles. The soft one-piece frame is designed for a universal fit, mak-ing the goggles great for all face shapes. Ideal for fitness and open water swimmers, the Energy Goggles’ curved carbon polymer lenses reduce distortion and provide optimal view-ing. The Energy Goggles come with a split silicone strap that secures the goggles snugly around the head. The easy to ad-just back clip makes fitting the goggles simple and hassle-free.

Sold individually or in cases of 6 per style

Lightning Goggles

The Lightning Goggles are a must have for any com-petitive swimmer. Made with Lens Integration Tech-nology, the goggle frame and lenses are fused as one piece to reduce drag and create a lower profile.

Sold individually or in cases of 6 per style

Dart Goggles

The Dart Goggles are the classic racing goggles designed for competitive swimmers. The low profile lenses sit comfortably around the eye and the traditional hard frame design gives swimmers a leak proof seal. The Dart Goggles come with a nose piece and string that are used for a personalized fit.

Sold individually or in cases of 6 per style

Bolt Goggles

The Bolt Goggle is designed for competitive swimmers to maintain comfort throughout practices and races. Its low profile lens is meant to reduce drag and increase speed. The Bolt Goggle has a silicone gasket that provides added comfort and a water-tight seal. Connected to the gasket is a dual silicone strap that distributes pressure evenly around the head. Three interchangeable nose pieces and an adjustable strap create a universal fit for all head sizes. Includes anti fog and UV protection.

Sold individually or in cases of 6 per style