To remove existing staining, add 200 ml Ultra Pool Secure/10,000 L pool water.  This dosage should be added directly over the staining. Maintenance dose: 50 ml Pool Secure / 10,000 L Pool Water Weekly.  This product can also be added with a low dosage metering pump.  Please call our sales team for more info.


4 L, 200 L

Ultra Pool Secure

Ultra Pool Secure is our most concentrated and fastest acting product for removing existing metal stains.

Spa Secure

Spa Secure has all the same powerful stain and scale prevention properties as Pool Secure but it is formulated to be more effective in hot water.

Pool Secure

Protect your pool basin and equipment from from metal staining and scale formation. Pool Secure is a sequestering agent that allows the water to hold onto more calcium to prevent the symptoms associated with hard water. It also prevents staining of pool surfaces that is caused by the oxidation of dissolved metals such as iron, copper and manganese.  For existing stain removal, see Ultra Pool Secure.  For warm water use, see Spa Secure.