Product Codes

DE-SIGN01: Pool Rules Sign (24"x 36")

Pool Rules Signs

We have signs pre-made and in stock that comply with the Alberta Pool Standards (2014). Pictographs beside the wording makes these signs stand out and will satisfy all the rule postings your health inspector is looking for. One rules sign covers swimming pools, whirlpools and sauna/steam rooms. Signs come custom labeled with your max bather load(s), and indicator for emergency equipment locations .

Pool Depth Marker Tiles

We carry the most complete line of pool markers available. Ideal for new installations and renovations, tiles are available in multiple sizes/configurations. In addition to ceramic tiles there are also glass overlays and plastic/vinyl stick-on tiles. Both smooth and skid resistant surfaces are options. Most tiles are available with a 1 week delivery time.

Vinyl Stickons & Glass Overlays require an installation kit.

Pool Warning Signs

Effectively communicate important safety messages to visitors with our full line of warning signs. Our versatile signs are available in durable 0.055” thick Semi-Rigid Polyethylene Plastic (10” x 14”). Great for indoor or outdoor use. Convenient four pre-punched holes in each corner makes for an easy installation.

Click here for full size image.

Lane Indicators

An extremely popular product, these indication panels will direct swimmers to the lane where they will be able to swim at their own pace. Three speeds are available: slow, medium and fast. A “closed” sign is also available for your lanes as well as your diving boards. The panels measure 12″ x 18″, and are made entirely of very resistant plastic.