Thermal Pool Cover

Pool heating is a huge cost. Save big on your heating bill with a heavy-duty commercial thermal pool cover. Our covers are a cross-linked closed cell foam laminated between two sheets of 1600-denier polyethylene fabric for ultimate durability and insulation. The cover is designed to minimize evaporation by up to 66%!

3-year warranty and 5-year warranty options available. Weighted edging, ladder cut-outs and custom sizes available.

Steam Room Clock

The steam room clock has a 9.5″ face and 12″ total diameter. The clocked is powered by a single AA battery. The gasket on the face and back battery compartment make the clock impermeable to steam. A single hole on the back makes for easy mounting on a screw or adhesive hook.

NOTE: Steam Rooms are a harsh environment and these clocks do not have a warranty. In our experience they work well but don’t last forever. They are an affordable way to fulfill health authority requirements for a clock in steam rooms. Temperature, mounting location and handling can all have an impact on the longevity of the clock.

Skimmer Nets

We stock 3 options of skimmer nets that will attach to any standard swimming pool pole. The Rainbow net is a popular and economic choice with an aluminium outer frame and replaceable inner plastic frame/net assembly.

A recommended upgrade is the Skimlite S8C, featuring a rubber end scoop and stainless steel frame built to last in a busy commercial pool.

If you regularly have to skim leaves off an outdoor pool then the Maxi series deep pocket net will save you time. The pocket “stays” are sewn into the pocket to to create a large opening for skimming. Using the Maxi Series like a brush on the bottom of a pool makes cleaning even the dirtiest of pools a snap! By keeping the pocket open, emptying this rake is easier. Whether you use the leafing edge or the rounded edge of the protective tubing, the Maxi Series allows debris to float into the pocket with every little effort.

Deck Brush

Commercial dual sided deck & acid wash, crimped all blue hard plastic bristle built to last even when used with strong acid cleaners, non warping plastic back. Threaded poles are sold separate.

Triton Filter Bulkhead Wrench Set

This combination nute and bulkhead alignment tool set makes service a lot faster and less frustrating on Pentair Triton filters.

AB Epoxy Putty

An easy-to-use, two part putty you simply mix and mold like clay – no complicated weighing or measuring required. Easy 1:1 “cut-what-you-need mix ratio” Form it into any shape. It hardens in one hour and makes a final, steel-hard cure in 12 hours. Cures under water.