WAPOChlor – Chem-Dos

The “Chem Dos” vacuum dosing system is recommended for WAPOChlor generator installations as the ideal method for delivering produced chlorine to each pool.  The venturi design permits a high volume of chemical delivery that can easily keep up with the needs of the busiest high bather load outdoor aquatic venues and still have the flexibility to adhere to strict tolerances on small hot tub or kiddie pools.

Electric Chemical Transfer Pumps

The safest way to transfer liquid chemicals from their packaging is with a transfer pump. Various suction tube lengths and discharge hoses available. Simply place the suction tube into the chemical to be transferred, secure the discharge hose and start the pump. Flow rates up to 35 gallons per minute. Options available for all chemicals used in aquatic applications.

Chemical Tank Enclosures

Chemical tank enclosures made from HDPE plastic. Enclosure allows for complete containment of chemical dosing systems. This is perfect for our WAPOTEC system, algaecide dosing systems, clarifiers or sequestering agents. Pump, tank, foot valve all mount into one compact unit. Especially convenient where there’s limited wall space for mounting pumps. These enclosures are free standing and can be positioned anywhere.  Available in three sizes for one to three tanks, and can be made in custom sizes.

Tank enclosures feature dividers between each tank for chemical separation, 1″ drain plug in each section & legs to raise it off the floor.


Dual Containment Chemical Tanks

The Gemini Dual Containment tanks are polyethylene construction and eliminate the need for spill containment. The outer tank contains any possible leak from the internal tank.

These tanks feature a quick-fill lid and integrated pump mounting platform. Multiple sizes available. We can mount agitators on these tanks as well. Square and round options available!

Chemical Solution Tank

Polyethylene construction is rated for any chemical you’ll see in the pool world. Sizes available from 6 to 650 gallons with options like drain valves, agitators, and filling lids.

DinoDos START Level Metering Pump

The DinoDos pumps connect directly to Aquatouch chemical controllers. These are one of the “smartest” pumps we sell. Different tube sizes allow different feed rates up to 68 gallons per day. The DinoDos pumps can be programmed on the Aquatouch for dosing based on a set point (chlorine, pH or ORP), a programmed flow rate, a live flow rate based on flow meter input, and even on a schedule! These pump also feature an accurate tank level sensing feature so you can see how full a chemical tank is right from the Aquatouch screen. Proportional feed rate options allow the pump to dose more the further it gets away from a set point.

Accu-Tab System

The Accu-Tab Commercial Pool Chlorination System is a NSF/ANSI Standard 50 erosion feeder that uses calcium hypochlorite (65% Cl2) tablets. The chlorinator itself is made of rugged PVC and has no moving parts. Because the tablets are eroded as opposed to being soaked or dissolved, the concentration of the chlorine solution remains consistent; this results in reduced maintenance and cleaning. The faster the water is flowing through the chlorinator the higher the lbs/hr of chlorine that will be delivered to the pool. Accu-Tab delivery curves show the relationship between GPM flow and lbs/hr delivery.

System Operation:

1. Accu-Tab tablets are placed on the sieve plate in the chlorinator.

2. Incoming untreated water enters the chlorinator from a side stream.

3. The water rises through the holes in the sieve plate to reach the tablets.

4. Tablets erode at a predictable rate according to the amount of water that enters the chlorinator;this allows for a consistent delivery rate.

5. Chlorinator effluent (treated water) is returned to the main system flow with the appropriate amount of chlorine

Acid-Rite System

The first erosion based acid feeder certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50. The AcidRite enhances safety when it comes to swimming pool pH control. The AcidRite eliminates the need to handle highly corrosive full strength (31%) hydrochloric acid or the messy mixing of granular sodium bisulphate. The feeder can interface to any existing pool chemical control system. The operator simply fills the bin with AcidRite sodium bisulphate tablets and the system diffuses water across a controlled surface area to make a pH reducing solution that feeds back to the pool circulation system on demand.

Tablets are uniquely colored red to reduce the risk of using an incompatible chlorine tablet.


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Blue-White Flex Flo Pump

The Flex Flo series peristalic pump features a Tube Failure Detection (TFD) system that disables the pump when liquid is detected in the pump head. This valuable feature pays for itself by preventing chemical feeding due to a tube failure. Pump feed rate is controlled with a 60 second time interval control knob. Available from 2-95 GPD output models, we stock several different models in the A-100NA series.

Stenner Pump

The Classic Series Single Head Stenner Pump is available as a fixed or adjustable output pump. There are multiple output capacities for each option.

Unique Stenner Features

Interchangeable pump heads and tubes to convert one model to another without having to purchase a new pump.

Easy and fast tube replacement without tools with the QuickPro® patented pump head.

The pump is built with three detachable components; the motor, feed rate control and the pump head that can be separated without tools.

Capital Controls Gas Chlorinators

The Series 200 gas feeder system consists of vacuum regulator(s), an automatic switchover module, flowmeters (with rate valve) and ejectors. Multiple flowmeters/ejectors may run off a single or dual regulator setup.

The regulators use a safe integral venting system and have feed capacities up to 500 PPD. Cylinder, ton container and manifold mounting options are available.

We have a specific Evaluator(tm) maintenance program to keep your gas chlorinators running without failure and downtime.

SV200 Chemical Injector

The SV200 “Gaffey” Injector is a very innovative solution to problems with common chemical injection check valves. The SV200 uses a withdrawable injector rod that allows chemical to feed into the centre of the pipe but can also be removed for service without shutting down the circulation system. The valve design uses a fitted silicone sleeve to prevent water from entering the chemical line.

The SV200 can be used with multiple tube sizes, specify the size when ordering.

Gamma/ X Pump

The Gamma/X metering pump is a low dose metering pump with a easily programmable output. This pump can dose accurately at a dosage as low as 1mL/hour and as high as 45L/hour. The high accuracy of this pump is ideal for the dosing of WAPOTEC chemicals.

This pump comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing easy programming via a smart phone or tablet!

Concept Plus Pump

The Concept Plus is a simple and powerful diaphram metering pump suitible for chlorine and acids. The stroke strength and frequency are manually adjustable. The pumps come complete with foot valves and injectors.

CO2 Feeder

Carbon dioxide can be used on it’s own or to supplement your existing acid feed for a more effective way to control your pH without having to worry about adding sodium bicarbonate to raise your alkalinity.

A significant amount of acid demand is caused by the addition of bicarb which raises your pH. Making use of a carbon dioixde feed system will eliminate the need for bicarb and dramatically reduce your acid consumption.

CO2 is a safe, non toxic gas that has become more common in modern aquatic facilities. Contact our sales team to find out if a CO2 system is a good fit for your facility.