Product Codes

Without Track Start: 61.1200
With Track Start: 61.1300
Bronze Anchor: 61.0001

Elite Starting Platforms

After years of research, design, experience and investment, Nordesco has designed what they believe to be the best starting platform ever, The Elite Starting Platform, available in two models: standard and track start. The mind creation was based on providing a world’s top caliber elite performance platform with maximum rigidity, grip, versatility and durability. This ultra-sturdy, sleek design mono-block weighs approximately 80 pounds (standard model) and 90 pounds (track start model) and both are made of electrostatic polyester powder coated stainless steel, in a sparkle silver color. The track start model features doors on both sides for easy access to speakers and deck plates. Equipped with a track start that is adjustable in 9 possible positions with 1 inch increments, it is so easy to move, it can be moved using only one finger. Both models meet FINA requirements and have an extra-large platform (ELITE TRACK START 27” X 28”, ELITE STANDARD 24” X 27”); as well, both are equipped with a non-skid take-off surface which is available in 9 surface color choices.
Nordesco has raised the bar; swimmers get ready for the start of their life.

Duraflex Springboards

The Duraflex aluminium diving boards are a single piece ribbed extrusion of heat-treated, aircraft grade aluminium alloy. A torsional stabilizer is attached to the bottom. The boards are coated with a slip resistant surface. The underside of the board is protected by rubber channels attached to the ribs.

Warning: Pools with diving equipment must conform to minimum pool depth, overhead and basin profiles as per local building code and/or FINA standards. Consult your local safety codes office for more information. Ordering any new or replacement equipment acknowledges you have verified compliance for the intended or current installation.

Duraflex Stands

Duraflex stands are very established in the world of competitive diving, being the first choice of equipment from local dive clubs to international competitions. New stands can be installed at an existing pool without the need for costly excavation. 1M and 3M stand assemblies consist of a ladder, fulcrum and main support assembly. The major components are heavy duty aluminium castings with top quality epoxy powder coating.

The ladder assembly features wide, comfortable steps with replaceable slip resistant treads. Hard-anodized, forged aluminum hinges mounted to a heavy cast anchor plate provide the attachment points for Duraflex springboards. 1M and 3M stands ahve double stainless steel hand rails on both sides.

Short stands are also available, designed to mount on your concrete pedastal or platform. The short stand consists of an anchor base and fulcrum assembly. Stands are available with or without hand rails.

Warning: Pools with diving equipment must conform to minimum pool depth, overhead and basin profiles as per local building code and/or FINA standards. Consult your local safety codes office for more information. Ordering any new or replacement equipment acknowledges you have verified compliance for the intended or current installation.

Line Slider

The Line Slider will provide an easy, safe, and fast way to remove your racing lane lines every time they are reeled from your pool while at the same time protecting the racing lane line from catching and banging against the pool edge. Installs quickly on the pool deck, the Line Slider will protect and prolong the life of your racing lane lines.

Product Specifications:
– Can be used with cables that are made with 4” or 6” segments
– Made of very resistant and durable fiberglass – Flexible PVC trim on the edges
– Integrated handle for easy portability
– Works with profiles that have a lip on the deck
– Easy to use
– Stackable therefore we can ship 5 stacked in one box for savings on freight

– Underside is white as well
– Great design and look
– Dimensions: 23” long x 16” wide x 20” high (overall) / Height over deck is 8”
– Weight : 6 lbs

Nordesco Racing Lanes

The Racing Lane lines’ flow-through design controls water turbulence by allowing wave energy to be dispersed and channelled along the lane. Each lane consists of a series of polyethylene disks and donuts. Both the 10-cm (4″) disk and the 15-cm (6″) disk lanes meet all FINA standards and are available with tensioner or ratchet reel. Each disk is designed to rotate independently of the others, thus allowing wave energy to be absorbed and dispersed along the lane. This wave reduction optimizes pool conditions for training and competition. The racing lanes are available in a 6 colours (red, blue, white, green, yellow, and black) and are shipped fully assembled with a vinyl-coated stainless-steel cable.

Available in 25M, 50M and custom lengths

Deluxe Storage Reel

New from Nordesco Industries! The deluxe and standard pool racing lane storage reels both have the same impressive lane storage capacity. The Deluxe model features blue polyethylene disks on the end reels to prevent lane lines from spilling/catching in addition to a convenient push/pull handle.

Both models are constructed from 100% stainless steel – powder coated with a sparkle silver finish. Stainless steel castors with brakes are also featured on both models.

Capacity: 8 x 25M Lanes (4″ Disc) or 4 x 25M Lanes (6″ Disc)

Dimensions: 82.75″ Long x 46.75″ Wide x 56.75″ Tall

Deluxe model pictured – disc color may vary from image shown

Water Polo Field Lanes

The AntiWave Water Polo Field combines the best of Anti Wave’s racing lane and water polo products to create a Polo field that is at the forefront of design and quality internationally.

Your choice of 4.75″ or 6″ disc dividers to minimize water disturbance and wash effect on the players.

Mini Lane Divider Kit

The 2.5″ diameter disk Mini lane dividers are designed to be a cost-effective, lightweight yet durable demarcation system. Although not intended for competitive swimming use, the Mini lane dividers are ideal for marking off areas in community pools, lakes or beaches. With some wave-quell effect, they are a marked improvement over the conventional buoy/rope lines.

Each Kit includes, discs, floats, rope, end hooks & assembly instructions. Available in 25M, 50M and custom lengths.

AntiWave Racing Lanes

Antiwave’s Maximum Racing Lanes are the most effective racing lanes in the world. Having been used in the 2000 Sydney Olympics where the Australian Olympic team coach declared the pool to be “a virtual millpond” and 15 World Records were set, showing that Antiwave’s racing lanes are truly the best.

AntiWave’s racing lanes use hydromatic propulsion to disperse the waves along the lane line then down to stop all momentum , creating perfectly tranquil water. All AntiWave racing lanes come assembled with the unique Supertensioner lane tightening device. To order, choose from two diameters of racing lane, select your desired lead color, pattern and if you want a backstroke marker disc or not.


XL Lane Line Storage Reel

The XL Lane Line Storage Reel offers 25% more capacity than other lane line reels. That means it can hold up to 985 ft (300 meters) of 4″ diameter or 575 ft (175 meters) of 6″ diameter lane lines, which is more than any other storage reel available on the market! Powder coated stainless steel means the reel is resistant to corrosion. The heavy-duty casters are non-marking and can swivel 360-degrees making it easy to maneuver.

The specially designed eyehook allows the first lane line to be properly secured. An optional cover is sold separately.