Klear Floc is designed to be used on sand filters only. Initial Dosage: Add 75 ml. per ft² of filter area. The product should be added only after a backwash, and should be administered slowly to the skimmer/overflow gutter farthest away from the filter pump. Klear Floc is also an important component of the Wapotec Filtration/Oxidization Enhancement System and can be metered into pools. Please contact us for continuous dosing information.


4 L, 20 L

Klear Floc

Klear Floc is a concentrated flocculent that improves filtration and reduces the organic contamination of the water. It accomplishes this by binding fine, suspended particles into larger masses that the filter can remove from the water.


A specialized blend of siliceous aluminate from natural clays in the Austrian Alps makes HydroSan our most powerful filtration-enhancing flocculent. The enhancing property of the clay was realized with the discovery of surprisingly pristine, clean water flowing out of a salt mine. HydroSan has been formulated to greatly enhance filtration in aquatic facilities.

Super Clear It

The same concentrated water clarifying properties as Clear It with the added capacity to break down oils and other impurities that are present in hot tubs/whirlpools.

Clear It

Clear It is a highly concentrated pool water clarifier that coagulates fine suspended solids that are normally too small to be trapped by the filter. It is effective with any type of filtration system, and if it is used regularly, Clear It will reduce chlorine demand and improve water clarity.