WAPOChlor Pro

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WAPOChlor® Electrolysis systems provide an on-demand supply of  sodium hypochlorite solution generated from diluted brine through electrolysis.  The brine solution tank is part of the generator so no salt is added directly to the pool water as with a conventional “inline” salt water chlorinator. The produced chlorine solution is a more neutral pH compared to packaged sodium hypochlorite and retains it’s active chlorine content for months.  A single WAPOChlor® generator can be configured to supply multiple pool systems in addition to the demand for cleaning product for custodial use at a facility.  The PROseries of WAPOChlor® is fully compatible with any existing pool mechanical & chemical control systems.  These high capacity systems can handle the chlorination needs of busy aquatic venues and drinking water supply systems.  An external “day” tank for produced chlorine and “Chem Dos” vacuum injection systems are standard features for the PRO series.


PRO 180
PRO 280
PRO 560
PRO 1100
PRO 2200
PRO 4250
PRO 8500

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