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Nordesco Industries is a Canadian manufacturer of commercial grade swimming pool accessories. Their line includes deck equipment, aquatic fitness supplies and pool toys. They have been designing and manufacturing pool equipment for the past 20-years, concentrating on the commercial institutional market.

Product Description

An extremely popular product, these indication panels will direct swimmers to the lane where they will be able to swim at their own pace. Three speeds are available: slow, medium and fast. A “closed” sign is also available for your lanes as well as your diving boards. The panels measure 12″ x 18″, and are made entirely of very resistant plastic.

Product Codes

68.5011 Lane indicator "slow"
68.5012 Lane indicator "medium"
68.5013 Lane indicator "fast"
68.5014 Lane indicator "closed"
68.5019 Diving board ladder indicator "closed"
68.5000.001 Replacement Hinge

To order custom signs:
Choose Panel Color (Green, Blue, Yellow, Red)
Choose Text & Color (Black/White)
Choose Logo/Directional Arrow Markers

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