ColorQ Pro 6

Product Description

The ColorQ Pro 6 is a quick, easy to use and cost effective photometric test kit for day to day water testing.  The kit includes an easy to read digital meter, soft carrying case and start-up supply of test reagents (30 ml). The QolorQ Pro 6 is identical to the common ColorQ Pro 7 but uses a tablet based calcium reagent to solve the issue of short shelf life and false low calcium value with expired liquid calcium liquid indicator.

Ask our sales team for our ColorQ test guide for information on testing errors, kit maintenance & reagent expiry. Some reagents are also available in 60ml sizes.

6 Month Manufacturer Warranty

Parameters Tested:

Free Chlorine
Total Chlorine
Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness (tablet reagent)
CYA (tablet reagent)


30 ml replacement reagents (144 tests/bottle) 60 ml replacement reagents (244 tests/bottle) Replacement Vials

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