Accu-Tab System

Product Description

The Accu-Tab Commercial Pool Chlorination System is a NSF/ANSI Standard 50 erosion feeder that uses calcium hypochlorite (65% Cl2) tablets. The chlorinator itself is made of rugged PVC and has no moving parts. Because the tablets are eroded as opposed to being soaked or dissolved, the concentration of the chlorine solution remains consistent; this results in reduced maintenance and cleaning. The faster the water is flowing through the chlorinator the higher the lbs/hr of chlorine that will be delivered to the pool. Accu-Tab delivery curves show the relationship between GPM flow and lbs/hr delivery.

System Operation:

1. Accu-Tab tablets are placed on the sieve plate in the chlorinator.

2. Incoming untreated water enters the chlorinator from a side stream.

3. The water rises through the holes in the sieve plate to reach the tablets.

4. Tablets erode at a predictable rate according to the amount of water that enters the chlorinator;this allows for a consistent delivery rate.

5. Chlorinator effluent (treated water) is returned to the main system flow with the appropriate amount of chlorine

PowerBase Systems

PowerBase 1030 (max 2.8 lbs/hr)
PowerBase 3070 (max 10.2 lbs/hr
PowerBase 3140 (max 22 lbs/hr)
PowerBase 3500 (max 36.4 lbs/hr)

Standard Chlorinators

AT100 (max 0.8 lbs/hr)
3008C (max 1.0 lbs/hr)
3012 (max 1.0 lbs/hr
3075 (max 10.2 lbs/hr)
3150 (max 22 lbs/hr)
3500 (max 36.4 lbs/hr)

Capacity in lbs/hr is rated at 100% chlorine gas equivalence

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