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January 2015 Newsletter

Automated Aquatics

Happy New Year!

Automated Aquatics

New Pool Standards

We’re excited for the recent improvements to the Alberta
Pool Standards, here are some of the highlights:

The new free chlorine minimum is 0.3 ppm (with ORP >770
and pH <7.3)  This
change allows facilities with state of the art treatment technology
like deep bed multi-layer filters & WAPOTEC chemical treatment to
take advantage of running high ORP values with less chlorine in the
water.  Running
at lower chlorine levels is not
only a more cost effective and sustainable way to run a pool,
but we strongly believe this make for an improved bather
experience. Less chlorine in the water means more comfortable bathers
and healthier air quality for your staff.

New Anti-Entrapment rules have been established.  We’ve all been waiting a long time to see the final changes come through.  Anti-Entrapment compliance is complicated!  We’ve
spent a lot of time over the past few years learning all about the
anti-entrapment options and have a full spectrum of solutions to offer,
including large area flat drain covers and automatic pump shut off
devices.  If
you have any questions regarding your facility’s compliance, just
call and ask about our Anti-Entrapment Evaluator™ service.

For liquid fecal contaminations at an outdoor pool, a CT value of 72,000
is required (with pH at 6.5).  This is a dramatic change, please
call us if you need help to calculate your chlorine additions for thissituation.

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Overstock Products

While quantities last – call for pricing or to order

Manual Vacuum Cart (1 HP, 115V with cord)

Manual Vac Cart

  • Stainless Steel Cart
  • 6″ Pneumatic Wheels
  • 100′ Electrical Cord, GFCI protector
  • 2″ shut off valves & quick connect hose fittings

Heavy Duty Aquatic Wheel Chair

AQ Chair

  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • 24″ wide seat
  • anti-tip design
  • sliding footrest

Aquatic Pro Shop Sales

Disposable swim diapers now in stock

extra revenue at your front desk and reduce unecessary down time by
ensuring you have swim diapers on hand to supply your guests.


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