KIT540: NEMo TC Portable Monitor
KIT530: NEMo XT TC Fixed Monitoring Station
TRI012: Box of 25 Trichloramine Cartridges (24 hours each)
TRA011: Carry Case (single NEMo)
TRA010: Carry Case (dual NEMos)
MAI030: Annual Service

Add on sensor options: Light, Noise, Particulate Matter (PM1/2.5/10) are available on request

The free Profil’air Manager Windows Software program is required for data storage and viewing

NEMo Trichloramine Monitor

“No direct correlation exists between the trichloramine concentration in the indoor pool air and the corresponding value for the chemical parameter ‘combined chlorine’ in pool water.”
Dr. Ernst Stottmeister, German Federal Environmental Agency

There is a growing awareness of the importance in testing the air for disinfection byproduct formation (DBP), in addition to the traditional test for combined chlorine in the water. The practice of testing the air helps ensure that chemical treatment practices in the water and ventilation system operation are optimized. Higher levels of trichloramine (aka Nitrogen Trichloride) in the air can be a respiratory irritant and long term health risk. The NEMo Trichloramine Monitor allows a continues real time measurement using an innovative 24 hour sample cartridge. The NEMo monitors are a transformative leap in technology, it is now cost effective and practical to deploy testing and be able to measure the unhealthy chemicals in the air without having to contract a laboratory analysis service. Respiratory exposure safety limits are being recommended by the World Health Organization (maximum 0.5 mg/m3) as well as France and the UK (0.30 mg/m3). WorkSafe BC has recommended 0.35 mg/m3 as a limit. By default the NEMo also continuously monitors air temp, humidity, air pressure, CO2 and VLOC.

The NEMo XT TC is available for purchase, rental or on a subscription lease. Where high volumes of test cartridges are anticipated, the annual subscription includes a 1 year lease with the purchase of 200 or 365 trichloramine cartridges.

Trichloramine Audit Consulting Service

There is a growing awareness of the need to test for unhealthy compounds that accumulate in the air at indoor swimming pools. Of the multitude of known disinfection by-products (DBP), trichloramine is notable as a respiratory irritant and a symptom of problematic water chemistry reactions taking place. Testing combined chlorine in the water does not expose the true issue that ends up in the air. Recent advances in testing technology have made on site analysis of trichloramine much more practical and cost effective than ever! Our service package includes use of our specialized sampling device and sample analysis along with our expertise to assess where/when to sample and interpret the results. We recommend testing twice per year for a minimum assessment, initially during periods of no or low bather loading and another testing session during peak use to capture the full picture result and give the most insight on how to implement strategies to deliver healthier air for swimmers and staff.

Trichloramine or Nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) readily gasses off from pool water as a DBP from the reaction of free chlorine and nitrogen derivatives from bathers such as sweat, saliva, urine and bacteria. High free chlorine residuals and increasing levels of bather contamination promote NCl3 formation. Testing your water for ‘combined chlorine’ is only part of the picture, and will not reveal the true risk of what is gassing off from the pool water into the air. The ratio of chlorine to waste, the pH & agitation of the water all contribute to the reactions that cause ‘combined chlorine’ to gas off from water into the air.

This service can identify health risks to bathers & staff. With the test service, we work with you to provide feedback on your overall treatment process recommendations to improve your water & air quality. The current recommendation from the WHO is a maximum value 0.50 mg/m3. Worksafe BC recommends below 0.35 mg/m3.


Are you ready for measuring 3 parameters in parallel and direct WiFi connection to synchronise data with the LabCOM® cloud? The new PoolLab® 2.0 is the successor to the game changing PoolLab® 1.0.  The upgraded multi wavelength photometer handles all the basic tests with several valuable accessory test measurements.

The fixed but exchangeable triple measurement-cuvette allows quick sampling by simply dipping the IP68 waterproof PoolLab® into the water.

9 keys give direct access to the ZERO operation (only required 1 x per measurement batch) and to the 24 different pool water parameters. The PoolLab® 2.0 Photometer has both Bluetooth® and WiFi built-in to either actively connect to the free LabCom® software and app, or to automatically synchronize data with the LabCom® Cloud.

Test results are always assigned to the measurement source accounts individually created by the user. In the LabCom® software and app, one can, among other things, print reports, calculate the active chlorine content and even receive dosage recommendations based on individually entered water treatment products. LSI index calculation is also offered via the software and app.

A free cloud service – with which PoolLab® 2.0 Photometer can automatically synchronise data via WiFi – ensures that the software and app always work with the same database.

The starter kit includes a boxed meter with startup tablet reagent supply (20 Tablets pH & DPD1, 10 tablets each for DPD3, Alkalinity, CYA).

Toggle between the default tablet mode to liquid mode to take advantage of using the optional quicker liquid DPD and pH reagents.

Annual calibration check/service is available on request.

PrimeLab 2.0

New and improved for 2021.  This next generation photometer has the capability for more than 140 different water testing parameters with only one machine. It has with a wide array of accuracy across 18 wavelengths (410 – 940 nm) from a single light source and an advanced multi-spectral sensor. The excellent accuracy of the sensor even allows self-calibration of the system at the press of a button. Standardised reference solutions are also available to confirm accuracy.

5.5’’ colour-touch-HD-display

pH/ORP Electrode Connection Option (connects to common pool chemical controller probes/sensors)

Rchargeable 8,400 mA Li-Io-battery

Bluetooth, WiFi and USB to directly communicate with the free LabCOM software, app and cloud

QR-scanning camera to recognise reagents

Enhanced admin setup via LabCOM allows remote validation of water quality parameters with a tafflic light system for warnings/promts on necessary chemical adjustments

Default reagents are stable long life tablets but liquid reagents can be substituted for faster testing

Taylor Counterlab

With its small footprint (18″ wide x 9″ deep), the Counterlab Rx 2™ (K-0206) is “just the prescription” for pools looking for an organized test station with minimal counter space. The powder-coated aluminum base houses everything you need to test your water. The Counterlab uses a highly accurate FAS-DPD titration test for chlorine up to 20 ppm without dilution. The combined chlorine is measured directly (no total chlorine test result required). Both the FAC & CAC tests can be done measured in 0.2 or 0.5 ppm test increments.

FAS-DPD Demo Video

Taylor 2000 Series

The Taylor 2005 & 2006 kits offer everything you need for daily water testing on pools and hot tubs with a color matching comparater block.

Taylor Professional Kit

The Taylor Professional is a simple and comprehensive slide comparator test kit.  For many years, this kit has been the choice of municipal and institutional aquatic operators.

ColorQ Test Kit

The new ColorQ 2X has replaced the Pro6/Pro7. This is an updated version of the same quick, easy to use and cost effective water test kit to meet the needs of basic day to day water testing.  The kit includes an easy to read digital meter, soft carrying case and start-up supply of test reagents (30 ml or 100 tablets). The ColorQ 2X uses the same liquid reagents and CYA tablet as the previous generation kits. The new tablet reagents for Alkalintiy and Calcium hardness are not compatible with previous generation kits.

Ask our sales team for our ColorQ test guide for information on testing errors, kit maintenance & reagent expiry. Replacement liquid reagents are also available in 60 ml sizes.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

HydroQuant Photometric Test Kit

The HydroQuant test kits by WAPOTEC are the most powerful portable test kits available to pool operators.  The HydroQuant 701 tests all 6 standard parameters plus chlorine dioxide (oxidizer) and aluminum (to ensure proper flocculation).    This kit is very accurate, and easy to use.  It can be easily cleaned & calibrated for a long service life.