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DinoDos START Level Metering Pump

The DinoDos pumps connect directly to Aquatouch chemical controllers. These are one of the “smartest” pumps we sell. Different tube sizes allow different feed rates up to 68 gallons per day. The DinoDos pumps can be programmed on the Aquatouch for dosing based on a set point (chlorine, pH or ORP), a programmed flow rate, a live flow rate based on flow meter input, and even on a schedule! These pump also feature an accurate tank level sensing feature so you can see how full a chemical tank is right from the Aquatouch screen. Proportional feed rate options allow the pump to dose more the further it gets away from a set point.

PoolWarden Water Chemistry Controllers

The PoolWarden is a single or dual pool pH, ORP and Temperature controller with many advanced features not found even in more expensive chemical controllers.   The simple and intelligent programming design delivers a perfect balance between flexibility and simplicity.  Chemical feed cycles can be fine tuned to deliver precise dosing on busy, low volume hot tubs.  The basic units can be upgraded with a network communication card and the TrueDPD expansion sensor that enables the controller to measure free chlorine – for more consistent chlorine residual monitoring.

Replacement parts list is available here.

AquaTouch Water Chemistry Controller

The Dinotec AquaTouch belongs to the latest generation of measuring, control and dosing systems. The device, developed on the basis of state-of-the-art bus technology, combines functionality, reliable and modern measuring, control and dosing technology, intuitive operation and simple monitoring in one system. Depending on requirements, it is possible to integrate the measurement and control for up to three pools in the system. Additional functional units are simply added to the control as new module and connected to the field bus.The AquaTouch system was developed together with professional users, and is tailored to the requirements of swimming operators, plant engineers, designers and water technicians.  Wherever the water quality is of particular importance, the AquaTouch is used. Depending on the configuration, the system measures and controls pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, redox potential (ORP), conductivity and temperature. The AquaTouch is flexible und freely scalable, it grows in line with the requirement of the operator.

The potentiostatic measurement (3-electrode principle) is one of the best and leading measurement methods on the market and is characterized by a high stability of zero point and measured value.  A Dinotec chlorine sensor can be serviced in about 2 minutes.  Another benefit is it automatically compensates for fluctuations in the system low rate to ensure rock solid accuracy and consistency.  Wireless connection capability allows for remote monitoring and editing via the mobile app.

Strantrol Compact Water Chemistry Controller

The simple Compact controller measures up to four pool water parameters (ORP, pH, Temperatrue & free chlorine). The control of the disinfectant residual can take its disinfectant measurement from either the ORP sensor or the free chlorine sensor, as the control measurement is freely assignable by the operator. Free available chlorine is monitored continuously via the well proven amperometric bare electrode sensor.

The Strantrol plus flow cell can be pressurized to allow the sample water to be returned to the pool water recirculation line. It also permits visual checks of the sample water. The integral “Multi-sensor” constantly monitors for adequate sample water flow, measures the sample water temperature and includes protection against external electrical noise. The flow control valve guarantees a constant sample flow and the quartz grit provides hydro-mechanical cleaning of the chlorine sensor tip for long-term measurement stability.

ProMinent DCM500 or AEGIS II Water Chemistry Controller

The current generation DCM500 series (or AEGIS II) controller has several features that make this a great choice for operators who want a controller that is accurate, reliable and easy to run. Available as a single or two pool controller, the free chlorine sensor measures the chlorine residual (ppm value) for a more accurate method of chlorine dosing control. ORP is still displayed as a read only value which is valuable for assessing the effectiveness of the chlorination. No more having to constantly move your ORP set point to chase a desired chlorine reading, just pick a set point for your chlorine and the controller handles the rest. This controller can also handle dual pH outputs for facilities that take advantage of combination CO2 & acid feed equipment to achieve neutral alkalinity.

Controller settings and programming can be adjusted from the controller itself or wireless via the supplied WiFi tablet. Controller readings/settings can be checked from any device with a web browser that can connect to the controller’s network.