Trichloramine Audit Consulting Service

There is a growing awareness of the need to test for unhealthy compounds that accumulate in the air at indoor swimming pools. Of the multitude of known disinfection by-products (DBP), trichloramine is notable as a respiratory irritant and a symptom of problematic water chemistry reactions taking place. Testing combined chlorine in the water does not expose the true issue that ends up in the air. Recent advances in testing technology have made on site analysis of trichloramine much more practical and cost effective than ever! Our service package includes use of our specialized sampling device and sample analysis along with our expertise to assess where/when to sample and interpret the results. We recommend testing twice per year for a minimum assessment, initially during periods of no or low bather loading and another testing session during peak use to capture the full picture result and give the most insight on how to implement strategies to deliver healthier air for swimmers and staff.

Trichloramine or Nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) readily gasses off from pool water as a DBP from the reaction of free chlorine and nitrogen derivatives from bathers such as sweat, saliva, urine and bacteria. High free chlorine residuals and increasing levels of bather contamination promote NCl3 formation. Testing your water for ‘combined chlorine’ is only part of the picture, and will not reveal the true risk of what is gassing off from the pool water into the air. The ratio of chlorine to waste, the pH & agitation of the water all contribute to the reactions that cause ‘combined chlorine’ to gas off from water into the air.

This service can identify health risks to bathers & staff. With the test service, we work with you to provide feedback on your overall treatment process recommendations to improve your water & air quality. The current recommendation from the WHO is a maximum value 0.50 mg/m3. Worksafe BC recommends below 0.35 mg/m3.

The Evaluator™ Program

The Evaluator is the most comprehensive service we offer. Instead of a normal service call for troubleshooting and repairs for specific issues, we have a technician experienced in pool operations on site performing a thorough check of your water chemistry control system, circulation/filtration system and an overall visual inspection of the deck area. This program is specific to the unique setup at each facility. We look for symptoms of issues that can lead to costly repairs and details that may be seen as deficiencies on a health inspector’s report.  Our focus is on optimizing the chemical control and mechanical systems to give the best water quality without excessive levels of chlorine in the water.  Our method for optimizing pool water quality is heavily influenced by European pool treatment practices.   This service also allows the opportunity for our team to coach your day to day operations staff on modern pool treatment practices and reinforce some of the important daily tasks that can be overlooked that may impact chemical use or water quality.  Another result is more efficient use of time and chemicals to keep your pools open and safe for guests.