Inflatable Climbing Wall

Coming soon in 2018!

Its not always possible to install a permanent climbing wall, but it is always possible to have one! Standing 15ft above the pool level, this inflatable climbing wall  is sure to be a hit.



Pool Side Inflatable Slide

Not every pool deck has room for a permanent feature. This inflatable deck slide allows your customers to still enjoy a slide, but without permanent installation. This 6′ high slide only requires 8′ of water depth!

Challenge Track

Pool inflatables are a great way to increase admissions to public swims, offer special events, and increase the appeal of your facility.

Our Aquaglide line of commercial inflatables are made from top quality PVC material, with a 3-year manufacturers warranty. Features connect together fast and easy with QuickStraps, allowing you to re-design the course every time you put it in the pool.

There are over 50 available features we’ve only shown the most popular ones here. Contact our office for the full product line.


AquaTrainer Mat

The AquaTrainer mat from Aquaglide is the best aquatic fitness and yoga mat on the market. This mat allows you to offer diverse and challenging aquatic workouts. From yoga to boot-camp style  classes, this mat can handle it all.

– Handles on the front and back
– D-rings for anchoring on all four sides
– Elastic on the front can be used to hold down a water bottle or other equipment
– 3-year manufacturers warranty