Product Codes

S-RL-RLNPR - Ruth Lee Pool Rescue Manikin - ADULT

S-RL-RLNPR - Ruth Lee Pool Rescue Manikin - CHILD

Ruth Lee Pool Rescue Manikin

This manikin has been designed in consultation with the royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS) and is a revolutionary new product which allows trainee lifeguards to learn vital skills.
Once thrown into the pool, the manikin quickly sinks beneath the surface and lifeguards can train to retrieve it from thebottom, tow it to the side using a variety of towing techniques, and perfect their lifting techniques – all using one dummy, instead of switching between plastic torsos and live volunteers.


• Carefully designed and tested to create realistic buoyancy – it will sink, yet is buoyant enough
to float when being towed. It will feel like an ‘unconscious’ person in the water.
• A more realistic challenge compared to using live volunteers who may try to subconsciously
‘assist’ the trainee.
• The use of a manikin can reduce the need to use volunteers in training scenarios, thereby
avoiding potential injury and any embarrassment caused by close personal contact.
• Flexible arms, reinforced with strong webbing allow the arms to be raised aloft, letting
lifeguards practice hauling the ‘victim’ from the water using correct lifting techniques.
• Constructed using a reinforced Nylon mesh which allows water ingress, meaning the manikin
will sink when placed in water.
• Detailed care instructions will be provided with the manikin.

Poltank Filters

Poltank filters are manufactured using CNC controlled filament winding equipment. The tanks are constructed with a dual laminate process consisting of a non-continuous strand and roving inner structure combined with a filament wound outer structure. The tanks superior construction is resistant to fatigue associated with operation cycling, corrosion and scaling and will provide decades of reliable service. Poltank filters are NSF50 approved.

Tanks are available in 19 different vertical configurations and 27 different horizontal models, there’s a filter suited for every commercial application.

Poltank vertical filters are offered in a deep bed configuration offering a industry leading 48″ media depth. This media depth coupled with our WAPOTEC system offers advanced filtration.

Filters are available with side access hatches, media view windows, acutated valves, single lever linkage (for backwashing) and a range of other options.  Contact our office for help sizing your Poltank filter!

FlowVis Digital

The accuracy of digital flow monitoring combined with the simple and flexible installation requirements of the classic FlowVis! The FlowVis Digital is available as a complete kit or retrofittable with older analog FlowVis® models.

Display includes Pool Turnover Rate functionality
Ability to interface with a multitude of other equipment
>98% accurate
Ability to set flow rate alarms
Offers remote indication of flow
3-year warranty

WAPOChlor Pro

WAPOChlor® Electrolysis systems provide an on-demand supply of  sodium hypochlorite solution generated from diluted brine through electrolysis.  The brine solution tank is part of the generator so no salt is added directly to the pool water as with a conventional “inline” salt water chlorinator. The produced chlorine solution is a more neutral pH compared to packaged sodium hypochlorite and retains it’s active chlorine content for months.  A single WAPOChlor® generator can be configured to supply multiple pool systems in addition to the demand for cleaning product for custodial use at a facility.  The PROseries of WAPOChlor® is fully compatible with any existing pool mechanical & chemical control systems.  These high capacity systems can handle the chlorination needs of busy aquatic venues and drinking water supply systems.  An external “day” tank for produced chlorine and “Chem Dos” vacuum injection systems are standard features for the PRO series.

WAPOChlor Compact

WAPOChlor® Electrolysis systems provide an on-demand supply of sodium hypochlorite solution generated from diluted brine through electrolysis. The brine solution tank is part of the generator so no salt is added directly to the pool water as with a conventional “inline” salt water chlorinator. The produced chlorine solution is a more neutral pH compared to packaged sodium hypochlorite and retains it’s active chlorine content for months.  A single WAPOChlor® generator can be configured to supply multiple pool systems in addition to the demand for cleaning product for custodial use at a facility.  The Compact series of WAPOChlor® has a minimal footprint and is fully compatible with any existing pool mechanical & chemical control systems. An internal 200L solution tank is built into each Compact model, and dosing can be with a positive displacement pump or “Chem Dos” Vacuum feed system depending on the demands of the pool.

WAPOChlor – Chem-Dos

The “Chem Dos” vacuum dosing system is recommended for WAPOChlor generator installations as the ideal method for delivering produced chlorine to each pool.  The venturi design permits a high volume of chemical delivery that can easily keep up with the needs of the busiest high bather load outdoor aquatic venues and still have the flexibility to adhere to strict tolerances on small hot tub or kiddie pools.

SPECK Commercial Cast Iron/Bronze Pumps

The Normblock & BADU Block Series are a robust horizontal single-stage design. The Normblock design delivers an impressive circulation performance at minimal space requirements. This commercial pool pump is perfectly suited for aquatic facilities, waterparks, fountains, aquaculture and pools with elevated brine concentration.


  • Available in 5 – 100 HP Models.
  • The pump is available in Cast Iron or Bronze.
  • Superior slow (1750 rpm) running design reduces vibrations resulting in quiet operation.
  • Strainer options available on both BADU and Norm Block
  • Available with KTL Coating (Epoxy Equivalent)

SPECK Norm Block – Commercial Plastic Pool Pump

The Normblock Multi Series offers straight forward designs that make installation, operation, and service easy. This pump is ideally suited for aquatic facilities, fountains, water parks, aquaculture, and pools with elevated salt concentration.


  • Available in 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 HP Models.
  • The housing is made of high performance plastic (THK), corrosion resistant without elaborate internal coating and can be used with higher salt concentrations.
  • Superior slow (1750 rpm) running design reduces vibrations resulting in quiet operation.
  • Optional all plastic strainer tank for horizontal flooded suction applications.

SPECK BADU Block – Commercial Plastic Vertical Pump

The BADU Block Multi Series offers straight forward designs that make installation, operation, and service easy. This pump, motor, and strainer housing is an all-in-one vertically positioned compact unit that allows for installation in small spaces. This pump is ideally suited for aquatic facilities, fountains, water parks, aquaculture, and pools with elevated salt concentration.


  • Available in 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 HP Models.
  • Superior slow (1750 rpm) running design reduces vibrations resulting in quiet operation.
  • The housing is made of high performance plastic (THK), corrosion resistant without elaborate internal coating and can be used with higher salt concentrations.
  • All plastic strainer tank with Comes with a stainless steel basket. (Optional plastic basket also available)

SPECK Model 95

The Speck Model 95 comes with a largest one piece plastic casing design with integrated strainer basket, easy on/off two-piece lid, and 4″ quick disconnect unions. These features combined with our unique mechanical seal results in a medium head pump with the “highest flow” of any one piece plastic pump in the market today.


  • Large one-piece housing design with integrated strainer basket and easy on/off two-piece lid.
  • Quiet and efficient medium head pump performance.
  • This high performance pump comes complete with our unique mechanical shaft seal that allows the pump, if mistreated, to run dry for up to one hour. The pump can be used for pool water with a salt concentration of up to 5000 ppm.
  • Suction and discharge are equipped with 4″ quick disconnect unions for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Wrench for unions and lid is included with each pump.
  • Motor is easy to remove without disturbing the plumbing. Reusable o-rings throughout.
  • Compatible with our VFD line. (Direct mount option available)
  • Compatiable with SPECK Automated Flow SystemTM
  • Every pump is performance tested before leaving the Speck factory.
  • Available in 4.0hp, 5.0hp & 7.5hp

ManUVac Pool Vacuum Cart

Our ManuVac is a top quality, manual vacuum cart built for commercial pools. It comes built with:

  1. Powder coated steel cart with pneumatic wheels – good for indoor or outdoor use
  2. SPECK Pump in the appropriate horse power for your application
  3. Weather proof on/off switch. Standard 30′ power cord (can be customized)
  4. Barbed hose connection for 1.5″ or 2″ vacuum hose – customized to your preference
  5.  Discharge hose available in custom lengths
  6. ManUVac with cartridge filter available if you wish to recirculate vacuum water back into the pool, rather than down the drain!
  7. Vacuum heads and poles available seperately


Electric Chemical Transfer Pumps

The safest way to transfer liquid chemicals from their packaging is with a transfer pump. Various suction tube lengths and discharge hoses available. Simply place the suction tube into the chemical to be transferred, secure the discharge hose and start the pump. Flow rates up to 35 gallons per minute. Options available for all chemicals used in aquatic applications.

Chemical Tank Enclosures

Chemical tank enclosures made from HDPE plastic. Enclosure allows for complete containment of chemical dosing systems. This is perfect for our WAPOTEC system, algaecide dosing systems, clarifiers or sequestering agents. Pump, tank, foot valve all mount into one compact unit. Especially convenient where there’s limited wall space for mounting pumps. These enclosures are free standing and can be positioned anywhere.  Available in three sizes for one to three tanks, and can be made in custom sizes.

Tank enclosures feature dividers between each tank for chemical separation, 1″ drain plug in each section & legs to raise it off the floor.


Marlin Vacuums

A revolution in pool vacuums is here! Canada’s first commercial cordless pool vacuum, the Marlin. Forget about your cord problems (tangled cords,  cords getting pulled out of the vacuum, cord wrapping around play features, etc.) …all of those problems are solved with the Marlin!

The Marlin goes like this:

  1. Hang the wireless charger into the pool
  2. Touch the Marlin to the charger as you release it into the pool
  3. Walk away, and come back to a clean pool!

The Marlin is loaded with tons of great features:

  • Vacuum is completely wireless!
  • Sizes for 25 meter and 50 meter pools
  • Maneuvers over drain covers and even climbs/cleans stairs
  • Suitable for beach entry pools
  • Programmable cleaning time cycle
  • Programmable floor vs. wall cleaning time
  • Programmable speed
  • Self-charging. Wireless induction charger hangs over the pool wall and the Marlin docks itself to charge when the battery runs low. When its fully charged, it leaves the charger and starts cleaning again.
  • Simple set-up
  • Programmable via smartphone app
  • Diagnostic feature via smartphone app
  • Durable stainless steel filter
  • Communication box allows recall of the vacuum with one button push
  • Cart mounted option available
  • Permanently installed charger available for new construction.

Elite Starting Platforms

After years of research, design, experience and investment, Nordesco has designed what they believe to be the best starting platform ever, The Elite Starting Platform, available in two models: standard and track start. The mind creation was based on providing a world’s top caliber elite performance platform with maximum rigidity, grip, versatility and durability. This ultra-sturdy, sleek design mono-block weighs approximately 80 pounds (standard model) and 90 pounds (track start model) and both are made of electrostatic polyester powder coated stainless steel, in a sparkle silver color. The track start model features doors on both sides for easy access to speakers and deck plates. Equipped with a track start that is adjustable in 9 possible positions with 1 inch increments, it is so easy to move, it can be moved using only one finger. Both models meet FINA requirements and have an extra-large platform (ELITE TRACK START 27” X 28”, ELITE STANDARD 24” X 27”); as well, both are equipped with a non-skid take-off surface which is available in 9 surface color choices.
Nordesco has raised the bar; swimmers get ready for the start of their life.

Swim Training Platform

These completely portable platforms are easy to remove or place in the pool. Ideally used to teach swimming or for aquatic exercise and therapy. Other uses include in water seating for adults and children, a water safety station, or as an island children can swim to and from. Use these platforms for whatever best suits your facility. Made from solid PVC.

Aqua Walker

This sturdy underwater walker is constructed from durable PVC tubing and stainless steel swivel casters.

This adjustable, waterproof, walker aids in independent mobility in the water. Perfect for rehabilitation facilities, aquatic therapy, and enjoying the benefits of your own backyard pool.

It can be used in its standard configuration (without the arm cradles) or with the arm cradles allowing the individual user additional support using their forearms. The 4 inch armrest cradles can be added and removed without the use of tools.

PVC Pool Access Chairs

Pool Access Chairs are an ideal solution for swimming pools with ramps or zero depth entries. These access chairs are constructed from medical grade PVC and feature an anti-tip design with non-rusting parts. Made to withstand harsh environments, they are great for use in showers, locker rooms and pool environments.

Stainless Steel Wheelchairs

Our aquatic wheelchairs are ideal for use in swimming pools with ramps or beach entry. Constructed of durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel, these chairs will provide you with years of trouble free use.

These wheelchairs are collapsible for easy storage and the flip up arms make for easy transfers. Upholstery is mildew resistant mesh and suitable for daily use in pool environments.

Available in seat widths of: 18″, 20″, and 22″ . Weight capacity ranges from 350 lbs. to 500 lbs. depending on the chair.



See the full catalog here: 2019 Catalog

Titan 600 Pool Lift

Our highest capacity lift!

The Titan 600 Pool Lift shares many of the same great features as the Revolution Lift yet is designed to lift patrons up to 600 pounds. No other ADA compliant pool lift on the market offers this weight capacity. Additionally, the unique heavy duty design and anchor system allows all patients and individuals the ability to enjoy the benefits of water.

The Titan is battery powered by 24-volt rechargeable battery with 360° rotation.  The Titan is constructed from stainless steel with a durable powder coat finish. Flip-up armrests make lateral transfers easy. For additional comfort and security, the Titan includes an adjustable lap belt and a removable, adjustable foot rest.

This lift can service multiple bodies of water both above and in ground pools and spas.

Spa Lift Ultra

The Spa Lift Ultra is a UL Certified, ADA compliant lift designed to provide access to commercial elevated pools & spas. The Ultra is constructed of quality stainless steel with a durable powder coat finish. Easy push button handset operation allows for 360 degree powered rotation.

Access your commercial spa environment while enjoying the benefits of relaxation along with increased independence.

The Ranger Pool Lift

The Ranger Pool Lift is an economical, third party verified ADA compliant lift which upholds Aqua Creek’s standards for durability and reliability.

The Ranger features a 350 pound weight capacity while maintaining a sleek, low profile design. This lift is ideal for use on smaller hotel and motel swimming pools.  It is designed to be independently operated by the user, allowing the individual full control of the lift with an easy 2 button handset.

The Ranger offers additional anchor set backs to accommodate a variety of pool deck situations. A reverse configuration is also available for individuals who need to transfer from the right instead of the left side.


The Revolution Lift

The Revolution pool lift is our most versatile lift and able to accommodate individuals up to 500 pounds. The variety of accessories available for this lift make the Revolution a very flexible & accommodating choice.

Like all Aqua Creek ADA verified lifts, the Revolution is designed to be self-operated by the individual user. With an easy to use 4 button handset, the user is able to control all movement and enjoy a fully independent aquatic experience.

The Revolution rotates a full 360 degrees in either direction providing versatility and access solutions.

The optional attachments include:

Sling Seat
Wheelchair Attachment
Cycle Attachment


Patriot Portable Pool Lift

No anchor required!

The Patriot Lift is the only completely portable aquatic lift that is independently verified to meet ADA guidelines. Sand ballast means you can source sand locally and save on freight cost. It has a lifting capacity of 375 pounds. Our fixing kit (included) provides an ADA solution. This lift can easily be removed from the pool side when not in use. It features a compact, low profile frame that does not intrude into the pool when not being used. The unique sliding mechanism allows the lift to be deployed and returned to the cart without fastening hardware.

Dual Containment Chemical Tanks

The Gemini Dual Containment tanks are polyethylene construction and eliminate the need for spill containment. The outer tank contains any possible leak from the internal tank.

These tanks feature a quick-fill lid and integrated pump mounting platform. Multiple sizes available. We can mount agitators on these tanks as well. Square and round options available!

Chemical Solution Tank

Polyethylene construction is rated for any chemical you’ll see in the pool world. Sizes available from 6 to 650 gallons with options like drain valves, agitators, and filling lids.

Thermal Pool Cover

Pool heating is a huge cost. Save big on your heating bill with a heavy-duty commercial thermal pool cover. Our covers are a cross-linked closed cell foam laminated between two sheets of 1600-denier polyethylene fabric for ultimate durability and insulation. The cover is designed to minimize evaporation by up to 66%!

3-year warranty and 5-year warranty options available. Weighted edging, ladder cut-outs and custom sizes available.

Deluxe Sea Serpent

This top quality sea serpent is the best pool noodle going. Manufactured from EVA foam it is as durable as ever!  The design of our serpent is round (2.75″) diameter and therefore more comfortable to use and is available 2-colored striped: red/white, blue/white, green/white and yellow/white. Stocked in 60″ lengths, available in shorter 48″ length on request.  This product is sold individually,  assorted colors only.

Baby Spring Float

The Baby Spring Float provides comfort and convenience for parents with small children.

  • Fabric and soft mesh construction
  • Inner spring around outside edge for stability
  • Two inflation chambers w/ child safety valves
  • For ages 9-24 months


Triad Fiberglass Bench

One of our most customizable bench options, the Triad from VPC  is perfect for pool decks or change rooms. This bench comes in three stackable sizes, in 12 standard colors. We are also able to do custom colors to match your facility. The glossy surface even allows us to put your custom logos and graphics on them, right from the factory. The benches are one piece fiberglass construction and come with a 5-year warranty.

Steam Room Clock

The steam room clock has a 9.5″ face and 12″ total diameter. The clocked is powered by a single AA battery. The gasket on the face and back battery compartment make the clock impermeable to steam. A single hole on the back makes for easy mounting on a screw or adhesive hook.

NOTE: Steam Rooms are a harsh environment and these clocks do not have a warranty. In our experience they work well but don’t last forever. They are an affordable way to fulfill health authority requirements for a clock in steam rooms. Temperature, mounting location and handling can all have an impact on the longevity of the clock.

DinoDos START Level Metering Pump

The DinoDos pumps connect directly to Aquatouch chemical controllers. These are one of the “smartest” pumps we sell. Different tube sizes allow different feed rates up to 68 gallons per day. The DinoDos pumps can be programmed on the Aquatouch for dosing based on a set point (chlorine, pH or ORP), a programmed flow rate, a live flow rate based on flow meter input, and even on a schedule! These pump also feature an accurate tank level sensing feature so you can see how full a chemical tank is right from the Aquatouch screen. Proportional feed rate options allow the pump to dose more the further it gets away from a set point.

Accu-Tab System

The Accu-Tab Commercial Pool Chlorination System is a NSF/ANSI Standard 50 erosion feeder that uses calcium hypochlorite (65% Cl2) tablets. The chlorinator itself is made of rugged PVC and has no moving parts. Because the tablets are eroded as opposed to being soaked or dissolved, the concentration of the chlorine solution remains consistent; this results in reduced maintenance and cleaning. The faster the water is flowing through the chlorinator the higher the lbs/hr of chlorine that will be delivered to the pool. Accu-Tab delivery curves show the relationship between GPM flow and lbs/hr delivery.

System Operation:

1. Accu-Tab tablets are placed on the sieve plate in the chlorinator.

2. Incoming untreated water enters the chlorinator from a side stream.

3. The water rises through the holes in the sieve plate to reach the tablets.

4. Tablets erode at a predictable rate according to the amount of water that enters the chlorinator;this allows for a consistent delivery rate.

5. Chlorinator effluent (treated water) is returned to the main system flow with the appropriate amount of chlorine

Acid-Rite System

The first erosion based acid feeder certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50. The AcidRite enhances safety when it comes to swimming pool pH control. The AcidRite eliminates the need to handle highly corrosive full strength (31%) hydrochloric acid or the messy mixing of granular sodium bisulphate. The feeder can interface to any existing pool chemical control system. The operator simply fills the bin with AcidRite sodium bisulphate tablets and the system diffuses water across a controlled surface area to make a pH reducing solution that feeds back to the pool circulation system on demand.

Tablets are uniquely colored red to reduce the risk of using an incompatible chlorine tablet.


Click here for brochure

Inflatable Climbing Wall

Coming soon in 2018!

Its not always possible to install a permanent climbing wall, but it is always possible to have one! Standing 15ft above the pool level, this inflatable climbing wall  is sure to be a hit.



Pool Side Inflatable Slide

Not every pool deck has room for a permanent feature. This inflatable deck slide allows your customers to still enjoy a slide, but without permanent installation. This 6′ high slide only requires 8′ of water depth!

Challenge Track

Pool inflatables are a great way to increase admissions to public swims, offer special events, and increase the appeal of your facility.

Our Aquaglide line of commercial inflatables are made from top quality PVC material, with a 3-year manufacturers warranty. Features connect together fast and easy with QuickStraps, allowing you to re-design the course every time you put it in the pool.

There are over 50 available features we’ve only shown the most popular ones here. Contact our office for the full product line.


AquaTrainer Mat

The AquaTrainer mat from Aquaglide is the best aquatic fitness and yoga mat on the market. This mat allows you to offer diverse and challenging aquatic workouts. From yoga to boot-camp style  classes, this mat can handle it all.

– Handles on the front and back
– D-rings for anchoring on all four sides
– Elastic on the front can be used to hold down a water bottle or other equipment
– 3-year manufacturers warranty

VBlock Aquatic Spineboard

Constructed of 1/2″ marine grade polymer
Durable, weather-resistant plastic
Environmentally stabilized to resist harsh sun and sea conditions, including ultraviolet light
Hand-holds accommodate two to four rescuers
Aluminium runners provide strength and attached UHMW plastic skids enable the board to slide easily
PVC plastic end caps protect the ends of the board
Stainless steel screws and staples resist corrosion
Four sets of restraining straps included
The board comes equipped with one set of 6″ VBlocks head restraints
Velcro® strips at the head of the board secure the VBlocks head restraints
Replacement straps are available

Adult Board is 16″ wide
Child Board is 13.75″ wide
Bariatric Board is 24″ wide

ThermGard Pool Cover Roller

Pool covers can be a huge energy saver on any outdoor pool. The only way a pool cover works is if its used. Make using your pool cover easy by having a high quality and user friendly storage system.

Many pool cover reels aren’t built to stand up to heavy commercial use. This line of ThermGard®  pool cover storage reels are made entirely from 304 stainless steel, right down to every nut and bolt. The welded construction means this reel will last for years.

Cover reels are available in single, double and triple roller options with a multitude of lengths.  Contact our office for sizing and pricing information.

Swimsuit Dryer

The next generation in swim suit dryer innovation is here! Built with a long service life in mind, these dryers add a reliable and hygienic option for bathers. When the lid is pressed, the fast rotation removes up to 95% of water in 8 seconds without heat. When the lid is lifted, a powerful safety brake instantly stops the rotation.

Available in 9 colors.

Duraflex Springboards

The Duraflex aluminium diving boards are a single piece ribbed extrusion of heat-treated, aircraft grade aluminium alloy. A torsional stabilizer is attached to the bottom. The boards are coated with a slip resistant surface. The underside of the board is protected by rubber channels attached to the ribs.

Warning: Pools with diving equipment must conform to minimum pool depth, overhead and basin profiles as per local building code and/or FINA standards. Consult your local safety codes office for more information. Ordering any new or replacement equipment acknowledges you have verified compliance for the intended or current installation.

Duraflex Stands

Duraflex stands are very established in the world of competitive diving, being the first choice of equipment from local dive clubs to international competitions. New stands can be installed at an existing pool without the need for costly excavation. 1M and 3M stand assemblies consist of a ladder, fulcrum and main support assembly. The major components are heavy duty aluminium castings with top quality epoxy powder coating.

The ladder assembly features wide, comfortable steps with replaceable slip resistant treads. Hard-anodized, forged aluminum hinges mounted to a heavy cast anchor plate provide the attachment points for Duraflex springboards. 1M and 3M stands ahve double stainless steel hand rails on both sides.

Short stands are also available, designed to mount on your concrete pedastal or platform. The short stand consists of an anchor base and fulcrum assembly. Stands are available with or without hand rails.

Warning: Pools with diving equipment must conform to minimum pool depth, overhead and basin profiles as per local building code and/or FINA standards. Consult your local safety codes office for more information. Ordering any new or replacement equipment acknowledges you have verified compliance for the intended or current installation.

Line Slider

The Line Slider will provide an easy, safe, and fast way to remove your racing lane lines every time they are reeled from your pool while at the same time protecting the racing lane line from catching and banging against the pool edge. Installs quickly on the pool deck, the Line Slider will protect and prolong the life of your racing lane lines.

Product Specifications:
– Can be used with cables that are made with 4” or 6” segments
– Made of very resistant and durable fiberglass – Flexible PVC trim on the edges
– Integrated handle for easy portability
– Works with profiles that have a lip on the deck
– Easy to use
– Stackable therefore we can ship 5 stacked in one box for savings on freight

– Underside is white as well
– Great design and look
– Dimensions: 23” long x 16” wide x 20” high (overall) / Height over deck is 8”
– Weight : 6 lbs

SPECK EasyFit Pumps

The universal replacement swimming pool pump! The EasyFit uses interchangable pump base spacers and suction/discharge fittings that let it swap in as direct replacements for several common models of pool circulation pumps (various models from Hayward, Pentair & Sta-Rite).

EcoStar & TriStar Pumps

IntelliFlo & WhisperFlo Pumps

Pentair’s lineup of circulation pumps are well established in condo, hotel and municipal pools across north america. The innovative hydraulic design offers the high water flow with efficient electricity consumption. The trade off of the high flow output is they lose some self priming capacity when installed where a vertical suction lift is required. These pump are built to last and replacement components are readily available.

WhisperFlo connections are 2″ FNPT, the WhisperFlo XF includes 2.5/3″ unions connectors. The IntelliFlo versions of these pumps include all the same features but with the added value of an integrated VFD for fine tuning the pump output and maximal conservation of energy.

IntelliFlo 2VST and IntelliFlo XF have a keypad that can be rotated or wall mounted (optional wall mount kit sold separate).

PoolWarden Water Chemistry Controllers

The PoolWarden is a single or dual pool pH, ORP and Temperature controller with many advanced features not found even in more expensive chemical controllers.   The simple and intelligent programming design delivers a perfect balance between flexibility and simplicity.  Chemical feed cycles can be fine tuned to deliver precise dosing on busy, low volume hot tubs.  The basic units can be upgraded with a network communication card and the TrueDPD expansion sensor that enables the controller to measure free chlorine – for more consistent chlorine residual monitoring.

Replacement parts list is available here.


The FlowVis is a revolution in pool flow measurement! Unlike traditional insertion flowmeters, the FlowVis can be installed in any orientation and in any proximity to other plumbing fittings/devices with no effect on accuracy. These flow meters have been designed specifically for pools, spas, fountains & water features and are accurate to 95%. Stock units are in US GPM units.

1.5″: 10-90 GPM
2.0/2.5″: 10-110 GPM
3″: 90-220 GPM
4″: 160-300 GPM
6″: 200-1000GPM
8″: 300-1800 GPM

Digital Upgrade Now Available!

Skimmer Nets

We stock 3 options of skimmer nets that will attach to any standard swimming pool pole. The Rainbow net is a popular and economic choice with an aluminium outer frame and replaceable inner plastic frame/net assembly.

A recommended upgrade is the Skimlite S8C, featuring a rubber end scoop and stainless steel frame built to last in a busy commercial pool.

If you regularly have to skim leaves off an outdoor pool then the Maxi series deep pocket net will save you time. The pocket “stays” are sewn into the pocket to to create a large opening for skimming. Using the Maxi Series like a brush on the bottom of a pool makes cleaning even the dirtiest of pools a snap! By keeping the pocket open, emptying this rake is easier. Whether you use the leafing edge or the rounded edge of the protective tubing, the Maxi Series allows debris to float into the pocket with every little effort.

Nordesco Racing Lanes

The Racing Lane lines’ flow-through design controls water turbulence by allowing wave energy to be dispersed and channelled along the lane. Each lane consists of a series of polyethylene disks and donuts. Both the 10-cm (4″) disk and the 15-cm (6″) disk lanes meet all FINA standards and are available with tensioner or ratchet reel. Each disk is designed to rotate independently of the others, thus allowing wave energy to be absorbed and dispersed along the lane. This wave reduction optimizes pool conditions for training and competition. The racing lanes are available in a 6 colours (red, blue, white, green, yellow, and black) and are shipped fully assembled with a vinyl-coated stainless-steel cable.

Available in 25M, 50M and custom lengths

World 2005 Floating Water Polo Goal

A revolutionary product, the “World 2005” floating water polo goal is the BEST on the market. After an in-depth analysis of the water polo world’s needs, we feel that the “World 2005” is an innovative and unique goal that will meet those needs. The following are a few unique features that make this floating water polo goal stand out from all others on the market:

– 6” thick fibreglass floaters allow for better balance. The “World 2005” floats better than any other goal. There is NO tendency to tip forward.

– the unique two-float design allows goalies to kick freely because there is nothing to obstruct their kicks.

– floaters are dark blue therefore providing better contrast, for the goalies, from the white frame.

– fibreglass will NOT chip on the bottom edge of the goal because a protective strip has been incorporated along the edge, therefore prolonging the life of your goal.

– foot pads have been installed under floaters so when your goal is sitting on the deck, it is actually sitting on the pads and NOT the fibreglass floaters, once again prolonging the life of your goal.

– only the best EVA foam was used inside the floaters to AVOID deterioration.

– the foam will NOT float away from the goal like others on the market because we have permanently fixed the foam to the fibreglass floaters.

– handles are placed on either side of the goals to facilitate displacement of the goal.

We have highlighted just a few features that make the “World 2005” the BEST floating water polo goal available as well as why it was used at the XI FINA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Montreal in July 2005.

AquaTouch Water Chemistry Controller

The Dinotec AquaTouch belongs to the latest generation of measuring, control and dosing systems. The device, developed on the basis of state-of-the-art bus technology, combines functionality, reliable and modern measuring, control and dosing technology, intuitive operation and simple monitoring in one system. Depending on requirements, it is possible to integrate the measurement and control for up to three pools in the system. Additional functional units are simply added to the control as new module and connected to the field bus.The AquaTouch system was developed together with professional users, and is tailored to the requirements of swimming operators, plant engineers, designers and water technicians.  Wherever the water quality is of particular importance, the AquaTouch is used. Depending on the configuration, the system measures and controls pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, redox potential (ORP), conductivity and temperature. The AquaTouch is flexible und freely scalable, it grows in line with the requirement of the operator.

The potentiostatic measurement (3-electrode principle) is one of the best and leading measurement methods on the market and is characterized by a high stability of zero point and measured value.  A Dinotec chlorine sensor can be serviced in about 2 minutes.  Another benefit is it automatically compensates for fluctuations in the system low rate to ensure rock solid accuracy and consistency.  Wireless connection capability allows for remote monitoring and editing via the mobile app.

PVC Floor Matting

Heronrib is the ultimate sports and leisure matting system for pool decks and change rooms. It features instant 4-way drainage and anti-bacterial/anti-fungal additives to provide maximum barefoot hygiene.

Exceptionally warm and comfortable to stand on, Heronrib has a specially embossed slip resistant surface and antibacterial and anti-fungal additives for assured underfoot hygiene in areas where bacteria tends to harbour.

Made from strong, non-porous PVC sections with channeled underbars, Heronrib will automatically selfdrain even the largest amounts of water. It is therefore not only perfect for preventing a splash but also for making a splash of colour around swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs using one or more of Heronrib’s eye-catching colours.

A permanent and effective barefoot wet area solution that is hygienic, UV resistant and easy to clean and maintain whether used indoors or outdoors.

Available in 2′, 3′ and 4′ widths – in 33′ full rolls or 16.5′ half rolls

Deluxe Storage Reel

New from Nordesco Industries! The deluxe and standard pool racing lane storage reels both have the same impressive lane storage capacity. The Deluxe model features blue polyethylene disks on the end reels to prevent lane lines from spilling/catching in addition to a convenient push/pull handle.

Both models are constructed from 100% stainless steel – powder coated with a sparkle silver finish. Stainless steel castors with brakes are also featured on both models.

Capacity: 8 x 25M Lanes (4″ Disc) or 4 x 25M Lanes (6″ Disc)

Dimensions: 82.75″ Long x 46.75″ Wide x 56.75″ Tall

Deluxe model pictured – disc color may vary from image shown

Strantrol Compact Water Chemistry Controller

The simple Compact controller measures up to four pool water parameters (ORP, pH, Temperatrue & free chlorine). The control of the disinfectant residual can take its disinfectant measurement from either the ORP sensor or the free chlorine sensor, as the control measurement is freely assignable by the operator. Free available chlorine is monitored continuously via the well proven amperometric bare electrode sensor.

The Strantrol plus flow cell can be pressurized to allow the sample water to be returned to the pool water recirculation line. It also permits visual checks of the sample water. The integral “Multi-sensor” constantly monitors for adequate sample water flow, measures the sample water temperature and includes protection against external electrical noise. The flow control valve guarantees a constant sample flow and the quartz grit provides hydro-mechanical cleaning of the chlorine sensor tip for long-term measurement stability.

Baby Vest

The Bijoux Baby Vest offer unprecedented security, safety and comfort for babies 9 – 25 lbs. The front design ensures that baby turns face-up from a face-forward position. The collar cradles the head when lifted by the strap or while floating. Mesh harness and short front enhance comfort sitting upright, lying down, or in a baby carrier.

This product is a winner of the Canadian Safe Boating Award (CASBA) for Best New Safety Product.

Available in Red, Blue, Pink & Lime.


The TigerShark robotic pool cleaner is a simple and effective way to reduce the time it takes keeping your pool clean.  The basic TigerShark with a 55′ cord will handle most hotel/condo pools, automatically moving along the pool floor and walls on a 4-hour cleaning cycle.

The TigerShark 2 is the same unit but with a 100′ cord and the motor runs a 7-hour cleaning cycle.  Both options have a 1-year warranty.

Aqua Fitness Step

Our aqua step is a very stable step used for aquatic exercise. It can be used in or out of the water. It has an anti-slip surface and is made of high impact plastic. The height can be adjusted to 5.5 inches or 7.5 inches. The weight is approximately 30lbs.

Dimensions: 24″ Lx 16″ W

Ladder Anchors

We can help you find replacement parts for existing deck rail anchors. We can also help you find the right anchor for new pieces of deck equipment. Please call for more info.

Huggies Little Swimmers Diapers

Temporarily unavailable as of November 2018 – Sorry! We hope to have a replacement soon!

We are now stocking Huggies Little Swimmers in bulk cases for pro-shop resale. These disposable swim diapers allow for worry-free water play and significantly reduce the likelihood of a fecal release in your pool. Prevent unnecessary pool closure time by keeping these on hand for patrons at all times. Available in small (16-26 lb/7-12 kg), medium (24-34 lb/11-15 kg) and large (+32 lb/14 kg).

Blue-White Flex Flo Pump

The Flex Flo series peristalic pump features a Tube Failure Detection (TFD) system that disables the pump when liquid is detected in the pump head. This valuable feature pays for itself by preventing chemical feeding due to a tube failure. Pump feed rate is controlled with a 60 second time interval control knob. Available from 2-95 GPD output models, we stock several different models in the A-100NA series.

Stenner Pump

The Classic Series Single Head Stenner Pump is available as a fixed or adjustable output pump. There are multiple output capacities for each option.

Unique Stenner Features

Interchangeable pump heads and tubes to convert one model to another without having to purchase a new pump.

Easy and fast tube replacement without tools with the QuickPro® patented pump head.

The pump is built with three detachable components; the motor, feed rate control and the pump head that can be separated without tools.

Swim Diapers – Reusable

Reusable swim diapers are great alternatives to disposable diapers. Snug elastic around the waist and legs creates a secure fit to contain solid waste. FINIS provides an array of sizes that translates into comfort for the baby and confidence for the parents. A soft woven polyester lining gives the diaper an extra soft layer against the baby’s skin. Phthalates and PVC free.

These are sold in pro-shop wholesale cases of 6 per style/size

Deck Brush

Commercial dual sided deck & acid wash, crimped all blue hard plastic bristle built to last even when used with strong acid cleaners, non warping plastic back. Threaded poles are sold separate.

Mustang Universal Adult PFD

This universal-fit PFD provides incredible versatility as a one size fits all adult vest. The universal PFD has open sides and 3 adjusting straps to accommodate up to a 52″ chest.

Approval:TC (CAN/CGSB 65.11–M88)

Mustang Classic PFD

The Mustang Classic Child PFD is durable, versatile and comfrortable. This PFD features an adjustable waist belt and crotch strap for a secure fit, a head cushion to cradle the head in the water and a safety grab strap for ease of rescue. Available in 3 sizes with silk screened sizes printed on the front.

Approval:TC Marine – CAN/CGSB 65.15 – Child PFD

Pool Rules Signs

We have signs pre-made and in stock that comply with the Alberta Pool Standards (2014). Pictographs beside the wording makes these signs stand out and will satisfy all the rule postings your health inspector is looking for. One rules sign covers swimming pools, whirlpools and sauna/steam rooms. Signs come custom labeled with your max bather load(s), and indicator for emergency equipment locations .

Pool Depth Marker Tiles

We carry the most complete line of pool markers available. Ideal for new installations and renovations, tiles are available in multiple sizes/configurations. In addition to ceramic tiles there are also glass overlays and plastic/vinyl stick-on tiles. Both smooth and skid resistant surfaces are options. Most tiles are available with a 1 week delivery time.

Vinyl Stickons & Glass Overlays require an installation kit.

Pool Warning Signs

Effectively communicate important safety messages to visitors with our full line of warning signs. Our versatile signs are available in durable 0.055” thick Semi-Rigid Polyethylene Plastic (10” x 14”). Great for indoor or outdoor use. Convenient four pre-punched holes in each corner makes for an easy installation.

Click here for full size image.

Positive Drive (Breaststroke) Fins

The Positive Drive Fins (PDF’s) use a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate correct propulsion in all swim strokes. Traditionally fins are not made for Breaststroke, but the asymmetrical shape and adjustable heel strap allow the swimmer to safely build power in the Breaststroke kick. The short and wide blade design also promotes a natural inward supination kick style for Backstroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle. The PDF’s use an ergonomic footpocket to comfortably place the feet in the ideal swimming position, and the heel strap to secure the fin, allowing the feet to flex more naturally. A closed-toe construction provides superior energy transfer from the leg to the foot. The PDF’s will increase leg strength, foot speed, and ankle flexibility for all four competitive swim strokes, making the fins great for training the Individual Medley event. Available in multiple sizes for a custom fit.

Ball Release

The ball release is used for the start of play of water polo matches. Retained on the half distance line, the ball is put into play when the ball release is submerged by pulling the rope from the side of the pool, allowing for fair and accurate starts every time. Manufactured from high density plastic and stainless steel, it is designed to hold both men and women water polo balls. In order to use this release system, two eyebolts need to be installed at the bottom of the pool. (Eyebolts and water polo ball not included.)

45.8150: Water polo ball release

Water Polo Balls

The Water Polo Ball is a regulation size ball ideal for practice and competition settings. Made with a high-quality textured grip, players can skillfully handle the Water Polo Ball with ease. The Water Polo Ball uses a proprietary construction to hold its shape and keep consistent air pressure over time. Available in Men’s, Women’s, and Jr sizes.

Water Polo Caps

The Team Water Polo Caps are made out of a durable nylon material that comfortably conforms to any head shape. Each Water Polo Cap is secured to the head with a nylon tie and protects the ears with strong plastic ear guards. The Water Polo Caps sold in sets, numbered 1-13 in white or navy team colors and each set comes with 2 red goalie caps.

FlipFloat Folding Goal

The FlipFloat is a full-size competition floating polo goal, dimensionally the same size as the very popular Club goal, with the added benefit that IT FOLDS FLAT FOR STORAGE and weighs only 85 lb. The FlipFloat meets all national and international specifications, and is easy to erect and fold down; just pull the Rear Arms out of their sockets, and the Front Frame folds down onto the Float Panels. That’s it!! Once folded, the FlipFloat goal can be carried easily by two people.  The FlipFloat goal is easy to carry, easy to store, and also great value for money.

Club Floating Goal

The AntiWave Club Floating goal is the ideal choice for competitive water polo at the regional or local level. It combines everything you need in a goal: economy, versatility and style. The Club goal is our best-selling water goal by far for one simple reason. It is the best combination of quality and value on the market.

Triton Filter Bulkhead Wrench Set

This combination nute and bulkhead alignment tool set makes service a lot faster and less frustrating on Pentair Triton filters.

Water Polo Field Lanes

The AntiWave Water Polo Field combines the best of Anti Wave’s racing lane and water polo products to create a Polo field that is at the forefront of design and quality internationally.

Your choice of 4.75″ or 6″ disc dividers to minimize water disturbance and wash effect on the players.

Mini Lane Divider Kit

The 2.5″ diameter disk Mini lane dividers are designed to be a cost-effective, lightweight yet durable demarcation system. Although not intended for competitive swimming use, the Mini lane dividers are ideal for marking off areas in community pools, lakes or beaches. With some wave-quell effect, they are a marked improvement over the conventional buoy/rope lines.

Each Kit includes, discs, floats, rope, end hooks & assembly instructions. Available in 25M, 50M and custom lengths.

AntiWave Racing Lanes

Antiwave’s Maximum Racing Lanes are the most effective racing lanes in the world. Having been used in the 2000 Sydney Olympics where the Australian Olympic team coach declared the pool to be “a virtual millpond” and 15 World Records were set, showing that Antiwave’s racing lanes are truly the best.

AntiWave’s racing lanes use hydromatic propulsion to disperse the waves along the lane line then down to stop all momentum , creating perfectly tranquil water. All AntiWave racing lanes come assembled with the unique Supertensioner lane tightening device. To order, choose from two diameters of racing lane, select your desired lead color, pattern and if you want a backstroke marker disc or not.


TurboTwister Slide

The TurboTwister gives you waterpark thrills in a compact deck space! Whether it’s the rushing water or thrilling dips and curves that you love, the TurboTwister is packed with tons of great features for your patrons. With sturdy molded-in handrails and an enclosed ladder, we’ve made safety a top priority.

Height: 8’7″. Available in right and left curves. Flume is 14’4″ in length. Required deck space: 13’6″ x 6’7″. Weight limit: 275 lbs. Children under 48″ tall must be supervised at all times when using this slide.

Vortex Slide

This open- or closed-flume slide is available with a ladder or a spiral staircase – you decide! The flexibility of this slide is perfect for commercial applications. The high-volume water delivery system gives you up to 30 gallons of water per minute.

Height: 10’7″ overall, 7’6″ to the seat. Corkscrew flume is 19′ in length. Required deck space: 11’4″ by 9’9″ (with staircase), or 9’9″ by 9’9″ (with ladder. Weight limit: 325 lbs. Children under 48″ tall must be supervised at all times when using this slide.

Cyclone Slide

This slide will make a big splash with the little ones that enjoy your pool! The Cyclone incorporates many of the same great features of our TurboTwister, but in smaller proportions at just 4 feet tall. Loaded with safety features like molded handrails and an enclosed ladder, this slide fully complies with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Safety Standard for Swimming Pool Slides (16 CFR 1207).

Height: 4′-1″. Available in right curve. Flume is 6’10” in length. Required deck space: 6’8″ x 5’6″. Weight limit: 175 lbs.

XL Lane Line Storage Reel

The XL Lane Line Storage Reel offers 25% more capacity than other lane line reels. That means it can hold up to 985 ft (300 meters) of 4″ diameter or 575 ft (175 meters) of 6″ diameter lane lines, which is more than any other storage reel available on the market! Powder coated stainless steel means the reel is resistant to corrosion. The heavy-duty casters are non-marking and can swivel 360-degrees making it easy to maneuver.

The specially designed eyehook allows the first lane line to be properly secured. An optional cover is sold separately.


he popular PAL (Portable Aquatic Lift) has become the industry standard for providing access to swimming pools! It is a portable, free-standing pool lift that comes with the PAL Secure-It Kit so that it can be fixed to the deck. The PAL Lift series meets the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG 2010). In addition to the standard configuration, the PAL lift is also available in Hi/Lo and Spa versions. 240° rotation ensures a safe transfer area.

300 lbs (136 kg) lifting capacity. Powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery. Powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum.


The PAL2 includes all the great features of the original PAL pool lift, with a modernized look and durable matte finish. It is a portable, free-standing pool lift that comes with the PAL Secure-It Kit so that it can be fixed to the deck. Standard features include the LiftOperator® Intelligent Control (mounted on the mast), a 24-volt rechargeable battery, waterproof hand control, footrest and seatbelt assembly.

300 pound lifting capacity, and 240 degree rotation. Powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum. 3rd party tested and verified ADA compliant.

VM Pump

The VM pump series has been very established in commercial pools for many years. New pumps and replacement parts are readily available. The pump is availalbe in either iron (Series VMC) or Bronze (Series VMB). All pumps feature a flanged 4″ suction and 3″ discharge connection.

Pump Specs & performance curve can be downloaded here.

Replacement parts diagram

Pentair EQ Series Pump

Commercial Plastic pump built specifically for commercial pools. Pump features extraordinary electrical and hydraulic efficiency that pays premiums in low electrical costs, less wear and tear on critical moving parts, and quiet operation. Built with commercial grade, non-corrosive plastic parts for durability and long life.

Drop-in replacement for Sta-Rite C/CSP Series Pump

Easy Ladder

The Easy Ladder offers un-matched ease of use requiring no deck modifications or alterations to install. Just choose a place for it, and complete the measuring guide to have a custom deck adapter made to go with the ladder. It’s that simple! The Easy Ladder can be placed in and out of your pool as many times as needed- safely and easily by its patented dolly system.

The Easy Ladder is available in 5, 6 and 7 step models to fit different pool depths. Colors: Yellow or Blue

Capital Controls Gas Chlorinators

The Series 200 gas feeder system consists of vacuum regulator(s), an automatic switchover module, flowmeters (with rate valve) and ejectors. Multiple flowmeters/ejectors may run off a single or dual regulator setup.

The regulators use a safe integral venting system and have feed capacities up to 500 PPD. Cylinder, ton container and manifold mounting options are available.

We have a specific Evaluator(tm) maintenance program to keep your gas chlorinators running without failure and downtime.

Mer-Made Strainer

Mer Made strainers have a fibre-reinforced plastic body, clear acrylic lid, 316 stainless steel v-wire basket and quick opening lid knobs. They have flange pipe connections available to fit 4″ to 20″ PVC pipe.

The “FO Series” strainer (pictured) is our recommended first choice for new or replacement strainers. The larger “Full Outlet” body results in very low pressure losses initially and much greater debris loading before the pressure drop across the strainer rises to the point where cleaning is required.

The “T Style” strainer is a more compact, lower cost option that can handle lighter debris loads and more frequent cleaning.

Spare lids, o-rings and baskets are available.

Dolphin Wave 300XL

The Dolphin Wave 300 XL delivers top-of-the-line pool cleaning for large commercial pools and for Olympic centers, water parks and other sites with professional pools 25-60m (82-197ft) in length.

Designed to meet the challenging cleaning requirements of the biggest and busiest pools, Dolphin Wave 300 XL is packed with advanced features.

With its sophisticated, programmable scanning controller, advanced navigation system, active brushing, and high-capacity, multi-level filtration system, this highly automated robot excels at heavy-duty dirt collection and delivers the best end-to-end cleaning performance in its class.

It works efficiently and effectively in any large pool, regardless of shape or type, including beach entry pools and pools with sharply sloping floor

Full warranty on all parts for 24 months/3000 running hours
Cable length: 43M (140ft)

Dolphin Wave 100

The Dolphin Wave 100 is a true workhorse. For pools up to 25M (82ft), this heavy-duty automatic pool cleaner thoroughly cleans the floor, walls and water line and leaves the water sparkling clean.

Cable length: 30M

Industry leading 3 year warranty.

AB Epoxy Putty

An easy-to-use, two part putty you simply mix and mold like clay – no complicated weighing or measuring required. Easy 1:1 “cut-what-you-need mix ratio” Form it into any shape. It hardens in one hour and makes a final, steel-hard cure in 12 hours. Cures under water.

Aquafitness Belt

The Aquafitness Belt is made of molded EVA foam and is designed to offer superior comfort and buoyancy. Its 3D ergonomic shape molds to the body and supports the moving swimmer in position, allowing for full concentration on the workout. Available in 3 sizes, this belt can be used for cardiovascular and muscular exercises at variable intensity. It is also practical for rehabilitation following leg or back injuries. For a more complete workout, use it with the AquaDisk.

AquaJogger Fitness Belts

The Classic is the original AquaJogger and our best seller, we also stock the Shape Belt.

Resilient closed cell foam won’t absorb water, dries quickly, and resists chlorine damage.
Patented contoured design supports and strengthens the lower back.
Soft, flexible foam narrows at the waist for comfort and freedom of movement.
Easy-to-operate quick-release buckle ensures a hassle-free fit.
Custom-woven elastic belt comfortably moves with every breath and adjusts to fit waist.
The AquaJogger design tones the abdominal muscles without doing a single sit-up due to the continual use of abdominal muscles to maintain correct posture.
To accomodate different body shapes, belt can be worn upside down or with the foam in front of the body.
48″ black elastic belt will fit up to a 44″ waist.
Classic dimensions: 25 3/4″ length 11 1/2″ width 1 3/8″ thick
Shape dimensions: 29 3/4 long 8″ wide 1 3/8 thick
Includes Getting Started DVD and Water Workout Guide

The shape model is ideal for women with wider waistlines or who are pregnant. The Shape is longer on the sides and shorter in the arch to distribute buoyancy evenly.


The Nordesco AquaDisk is a training tool that uses water resistance for the workout. Made of EVA molded foam, the ergonomic design of the grip insures a safe workout without putting stress on the shoulders. The AquaDisk can be used in a wide variety of exercises for the arms and shoulders. Two sizes available and sold per pair.

Throw Bags

Rescue Can

Ideal for rugged environments, this model features plastic that has a higher impact resistance as well as a deluxe towline made from a softer, supple material that is highly visible due to it being yellow in color. It features textured plastic at all handle areas and an ergonomic design with streamline point.

Manufactured from high quality plastic, and red in color, it features textured plastic at all handle areas and an ergonomic design with streamline point.