Product Codes

  • 9400 - Good for hydrochloric acid
  • 9430 - Good for sodium hypochlorite

Electric Chemical Transfer Pumps

The safest way to transfer liquid chemicals from their packaging is with a transfer pump. Various suction tube lengths and discharge hoses available. Simply place the suction tube into the chemical to be transferred, secure the discharge hose and start the pump. Flow rates up to 35 gallons per minute. Options available for all chemicals used in aquatic applications.

Chemical Tank Enclosures

Chemical tank enclosures made from HDPE plastic. Enclosure allows for complete containment of chemical dosing systems. This is perfect for our WAPOTEC system, algaecide dosing systems, clarifiers or sequestering agents. Pump, tank, foot valve all mount into one compact unit. Especially convenient where there’s limited wall space for mounting pumps. These enclosures are free standing and can be positioned anywhere.  Available in three sizes for one to three tanks, and can be made in custom sizes.

Tank enclosures feature dividers between each tank for chemical separation, 1″ drain plug in each section & legs to raise it off the floor.


Dual Containment Chemical Tanks

The Gemini Dual Containment tanks are polyethylene construction and eliminate the need for spill containment. The outer tank contains any possible leak from the internal tank.

These tanks feature a quick-fill lid and integrated pump mounting platform. Multiple sizes available. We can mount agitators on these tanks as well. Square and round options available!

Chemical Solution Tank

Polyethylene construction is rated for any chemical you’ll see in the pool world. Sizes available from 6 to 650 gallons with options like drain valves, agitators, and filling lids.