Strantrol Compact Water Chemistry Controller

Product Description

The simple Compact controller measures up to four pool water parameters (ORP, pH, Temperatrue & free chlorine). The control of the disinfectant residual can take its disinfectant measurement from either the ORP sensor or the free chlorine sensor, as the control measurement is freely assignable by the operator. Free available chlorine is monitored continuously via the well proven amperometric bare electrode sensor.

The Strantrol plus flow cell can be pressurized to allow the sample water to be returned to the pool water recirculation line. It also permits visual checks of the sample water. The integral “Multi-sensor” constantly monitors for adequate sample water flow, measures the sample water temperature and includes protection against external electrical noise. The flow control valve guarantees a constant sample flow and the quartz grit provides hydro-mechanical cleaning of the chlorine sensor tip for long-term measurement stability.


W3T171317 - Flow Cell Sand (25 g)
W3T158874 - Annual Maintenance Set
W3T158878 - Comprehensive Maintenance Set (Every 4 Years)
W2T521626 - pH Sensor (Yellow)
W2T521628 - ORP Sensor (Blue)
W2T521629 - ORP Sensor (Red, Gold Electrode)
W3T160991 - Free Chlorine Sensor (Gold Electrode)

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