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Nordesco Industries is a Canadian manufacturer of commercial grade swimming pool accessories. Their line includes deck equipment, aquatic fitness supplies and pool toys. They have been designing and manufacturing pool equipment for the past 20-years, concentrating on the commercial institutional market.

Product Description

Our regular pull buoys are made of ethafoam and equipped with an adjustable strap. Just the right amount of flotation allows for a great stroke correction. Deluxe buoys are made from high quality EVA foam for greater comfort and durability.

Product Codes

30.7100 Mini Pull Buoy
30.7106 Pull Buoy - 6''
30.7107 Pull Buoy - 7''
30.7108 Pull Buoy - 8''
30.7207 Deluxe 7'' EVA Pull Buoy (DISCONTINUED MAY 1/14)
30.7405 One Piece EVA Pull Buoy - 4.75" (Blue/White)
30.7406 One Piece EVA Pull Buoy - 6" (Blue/Yellow)

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