PoolWarden Water Chemistry Controllers

Product Description

The PoolWarden is a single or dual pool pH, ORP and Temperature controller with many advanced features not found even in more expensive chemical controllers.   The simple and intelligent programming design delivers a perfect balance between flexibility and simplicity.  Chemical feed cycles can be fine tuned to deliver precise dosing on busy, low volume hot tubs.  The basic units can be upgraded with a network communication card and the TrueDPD expansion sensor that enables the controller to measure free chlorine – for more consistent chlorine residual monitoring.

Replacement parts list is available here.

Product Codes

PW-SMTD: Pool Warden Single Pool ORP/pH, mounted w/ Flow Cell
PW-DMTD: Pool Warden Dual Pool ORP/pH, mounted w/ Flow Cell
MW-MTD: MiniWarden Single Pool ORP/pH, mounted w/ Flow Cell
PW-LAN: Network Communication Module
PW-WIFI: Wireless Communication - requires PW-LAN
TrueDPD-S: Single Pool Free Chlorine Sensor
PW-FlowCell: Flow cell assembly w/temp sensor & flow switch
ORP-COMP: ORP Platinum Sensor, 1/2 NPT, BNC
ORP-COMPG: ORP Gold Sensor, 1/2" NPT, BNC
pH-COM1: pH Sensor, 1/2" NPT, BNC

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