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The technology related to pool operations has certainly advanced in the past few years and we’ve seen incredible success achieving fantastic water quality with less chemical use.  Running a sustainable pool requires that you take advantage of the technology at your disposal to get the the best result possible.  In addition to higher end equipment, there is also a trend of stricter regulations related to running pools.  You can have the best equipment installed but if the knowledge is missing, you’re still at a high risk for having to deal with the frustrated customers, bad press and lost revenue from a health inspector pool closure.

Our OnRamp™ Pool Operator program is designed to compliment a general provincial certified pool operator certificate by bringing site specific training to your team.  The OnRamp™ is customized to your pool systems and gives you the practical knowledge and skills to run at peak performance, minimizing down time and costly service calls.  The most valuable level of service is our on site OnRamp, complete with 2 on site training sessions, with a custom pool operation manual.  For remote customers we provide a custom manual and an in depth remote coaching service until your operator is comfortable on their own.

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OnRamp™ Benefits

Custom operator checklists for daily/weekly/monthly/annual maintenance recommendations

Identify common points of equipment failure and how to maximize equipment lifespan

Learn how to maintain your chemical feeders and adjust control settings to prevent wasteful chemical use

Catch deficiencies before your health inspector gets a chance to add them to their report

Lots of professional tips on water testing and troubleshooting

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