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Tabex offers a wide range of quality disinfection products, balance and specialty chemicals. Tabex Chemicals are manufatured in Canada and are widely used by operators in municipal, institutional, hotel and condominium facilities.

Product Description

LectraClor is a fine, granulated salt that is free of impurities & is compatible with swimming pool/hot tub water. LectraClor is used to increase sodium chloride (NaCl) in pools that have salt water chlorine generators. The inert salt is turned into chlorine for disinfection and back to salt after the process is complete.

For outdoor pools, see LectraClor Plus.


Most salt water chlorination systems require 2800-3000 mg/L (ppm) of sodium chloride to generate chlorine.

To increase the sodium chloride by 100 mg/L (ppm):

Add 1 kg/10,000 Litres.


22.7 kg box

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