Mini Lane Divider Kit

The 2.5″ diameter disk Mini lane dividers are designed to be a cost-effective, lightweight yet durable demarcation system. Although not intended for competitive swimming use, the Mini lane dividers are ideal for marking off areas in community pools, lakes or beaches. With some wave-quell effect, they are a marked improvement over the conventional buoy/rope lines.

Each Kit includes, discs, floats, rope, end hooks & assembly instructions. Available in 25M, 50M and custom lengths.

AntiWave Racing Lanes

Antiwave’s Maximum Racing Lanes are the most effective racing lanes in the world. Having been used in the 2000 Sydney Olympics where the Australian Olympic team coach declared the pool to be “a virtual millpond” and 15 World Records were set, showing that Antiwave’s racing lanes are truly the best.

AntiWave’s racing lanes use hydromatic propulsion to disperse the waves along the lane line then down to stop all momentum , creating perfectly tranquil water. All AntiWave racing lanes come assembled with the unique Supertensioner lane tightening device. To order, choose from two diameters of racing lane, select your desired lead color, pattern and if you want a backstroke marker disc or not.


Blue White F-2000 Flowmeter

The F-2000 is a battery powered digital paddlewheel flowmeter with a remote wall mounted display. The paddlewheel saddle can be mounted up to 200′ away from the display. The standard unit comes with 25′ sensor cable.

Runs on 4 x AA batteries

Blue White F-1000 Flowmeter

The F-1000 is an accurate digital paddlewheel flowmeter with clamp on saddle mount. It displays the flow rate on a 6 digit LCD and runs off 2 AAA batteries. It comes factory calibrated with no programming required.

Available for 1.5″ to 12″ PVC Pipe (specify sch 40 or 80).

CO2 Feeder

Carbon dioxide can be used on it’s own or to supplement your existing acid feed for a more effective way to control your pH without having to worry about adding sodium bicarbonate to raise your alkalinity.

A significant amount of acid demand is caused by the addition of bicarb which raises your pH. Making use of a carbon dioixde feed system will eliminate the need for bicarb and dramatically reduce your acid consumption.

CO2 is a safe, non toxic gas that has become more common in modern aquatic facilities. Contact our sales team to find out if a CO2 system is a good fit for your facility.

Protocol Cleaning Chemicals

The Protocol line of chemicals are our first choice when it comes to dealing with unsightly dirt, grime and scale build ups on decks, in change rooms and in pool basins. The Protocol line is EcoLogo certified and formulated from organic salt bases, so its safe to use!

Sodium Sulfite

Effective at lowering chlorine.

Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)

Liquid sodium hydroxide raises the pH without increasing total alkalinity.

Calcium Chloride

Depending on your source water condition and other water saturation index values it may be necessary to raise the calcium hardness of your pool/hot tub water.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Maintaining pool/hot tub alkalinity at 100-120 mg/L (ppm) is an essential and often overlooked part of preventing water chemistry problems. Low alkalinity will contribute to corrosive water conditions and make it difficult to achieve a consistent pH.

Hydrochloric Acid

Also known as muriatic acid, this product is highly corrosive and will lower the pH and total alkalinity of water.

Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash)

Sodium Carbonate or Soda Ash is commonly used to raise pH in swimming pools and whirlpools.

Accu-Tab® Tablets

These three inch diameter tablets are designed for use in Accu-Tab® erosion feeders.

Pulsar® Plus Briquettes

These pillow shaped briquettes are designed for use in Pulsar® brand erosion feeders.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is a liquid chlorine compound that can be effectively used for water purification. The product is 12% chlorine (bleach) when manufactured, and has a pH of 13.0.

Triad Deck Stor-A-Way

– Small space, huge capacity

– Full height locking door

– Fully ventilated

– Extra storage on door pockets

– Fits through standard doors

– Swivel Castors (2 that lock)

Specially designed for pool environments and equipment, the Deck Stor-A-Way has self-draining shelves, is fully ventilated and may be easily rolled to different locations with its four easy roll casters. Safely fill your Deck Stor-A-Way with kick boards, pull buoys, water polo basketballs and much more! Constructed of high impact ABS plastic that’s fade resistant, this storage cabinet features a reinforced fiberglass base for additional strength. Non-rusting hardware, lockable full height door and attractive blue exterior make the Deck Stor-A-Way a must for all aquatic facilities!

33″W x 31″D x 70″H

Not for chemical storage

Rubber Fins

Our high quality, single molded fins are comfortable and exceptionally durable. Available in 7 adult sizes, each size a different color.

The Evaluator™ Program

The Evaluator is the most comprehensive service we offer. Instead of a normal service call for troubleshooting and repairs for specific issues, we have a technician experienced in pool operations on site performing a thorough check of your water chemistry control system, circulation/filtration system and an overall visual inspection of the deck area. This program is specific to the unique setup at each facility. We look for symptoms of issues that can lead to costly repairs and details that may be seen as deficiencies on a health inspector’s report.  Our focus is on optimizing the chemical control and mechanical systems to give the best water quality without excessive levels of chlorine in the water.  Our method for optimizing pool water quality is heavily influenced by European pool treatment practices.   This service also allows the opportunity for our team to coach your day to day operations staff on modern pool treatment practices and reinforce some of the important daily tasks that can be overlooked that may impact chemical use or water quality.  Another result is more efficient use of time and chemicals to keep your pools open and safe for guests.

Waterco Sand Filters

Not every sand filter is created equal! The trend in north america has unfortunately lead to compromised sand filtration with cheaper shallow or spherical filter design profiles. Waterco’s commerical fiberglass vertical filters adhere to good quality design principles and are available in an array of sizes to meet the needs of any pool. We highly recommend considering the deep bed filter models. A well designed sand filter with proper flocculant/coagulant dosing will filter better than any pressure or vacuum pre-coat style (DE/Perlite) filter.

Mer-Made Sand Filters

Mer-Made Horizontal Sand filters are available in 3 tank diameters and multiple lengths. They are stackable to fit almost any filter room. These filters have a single slotted underdrain assembly that runs the length of the tank so broken laterals are not an issue an operator has to worry about. The filters alsoinclude a front mounted pressure gauge panel and an access hatch that can be mounted on the back or either side.

Contact our sales team to see if these filters are a good fit for your renovation or new construction project.

Rubber Fins (Jr. Size)

These junior fins are a smaller version of our rubber two-colored fins. Made from a soft rubber construction, they are both comfortable and exceptionally durable. They easily fit to the child’s feet and, with their vibrant colors, they are fun to wear.

Rigid Kickboard

Made of molded EVA foam, the Nordesco kickboard is rigid, durable, waterproof, and resistant to the effects of chlorine and UV rays.  The ergonomic design is suited for all types of training. The lateral ridges and slimmer part in front allow for a one or two handed grip. Excellent for building strength in the legs without putting stress on the shoulders.

Lectranator Pool Pilot Professional

Lectranator salt water chlorination systems are established in many municipal and hotel/condo swimming pools across Alberta. The Pool Pilot Professional features a single power supply that will power up to 3 CC30 cells for a total of 15 lbs/day of chlorine gas output. Multiple power supplies and rows of cells can be installed together to meet the needs of even the busiest pools.

This system can be installed in new facilities or retrofitted easily into existing facilities as safer alternative to gas chlorine.

ProMinent DCM500 or AEGIS II Water Chemistry Controller

The current generation DCM500 series (or AEGIS II) controller has several features that make this a great choice for operators who want a controller that is accurate, reliable and easy to run. Available as a single or two pool controller, the free chlorine sensor measures the chlorine residual (ppm value) for a more accurate method of chlorine dosing control. ORP is still displayed as a read only value which is valuable for assessing the effectiveness of the chlorination. No more having to constantly move your ORP set point to chase a desired chlorine reading, just pick a set point for your chlorine and the controller handles the rest. This controller can also handle dual pH outputs for facilities that take advantage of combination CO2 & acid feed equipment to achieve neutral alkalinity.

Controller settings and programming can be adjusted from the controller itself or wireless via the supplied WiFi tablet. Controller readings/settings can be checked from any device with a web browser that can connect to the controller’s network.

Mer-Made Precoat Filters

Mer-Made manufactures the best replacement precoat (DE) filter leaves and covers available. The Mer-Made leaves are built from thick high impact ABS, heavier and longer lasting than generic replacements. The filter covers are made of a woven monofilament polyethylene and feature a velcro end closure.

Tagelus Filters

A common filter in many hotel & condo swimming pools. The small tank diameter and top mounted multi port valve make it a good choice where space is scarce. The Tagelus filter tank is constructed in one piece from fiberglass reinforced material to deliver unmatched strength and durability for years of service.

Astral Sand Filters

Astral Vertical Sand Filters are constructed from filament wound fiberglass. They feature a large media drain port, dual pressure gauges and made of non-corrosive materials.

The standard filer has 3′ of media depth and 4′ on the deep bed version.

For rooms with height restrictions, short filters (2′ media depth) are available for the 42″ and 47″ diameter tanks.


Parafos® is a multipurpose water treatment product, formulated from a unique blend of NSF® Tested and Certified ingredients. When added to water, Parafos® forms compounds and complexes with scale-forming minerals and metals, holding them in a clear, odorless, tasteless and safe solution. Parafos® effectively and economically alleviates the problems and costs related to scale, stains and corrosion.

DesoClenz™ Filter Cleaning Process