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Service Promise

Our company is committed to providing the best possible customer care and attention before, during and after you purchase a product or service. Read our Service Promise

Our Services

Automated Aquatics is devoted to providing high quality service and installation of commercial pool equipment. If you can find it in a commercial pool, we can fix it! We have our own skilled in-house service team as well asĀ  highly specialized sub-contractors that allow us to offer the following services:

  • Air Quality Testing
  • Chlorine Gas Equipment Service & Testing
  • Commercial Chemical Feed Equipment and Service
  • Deck Equipment and Accessory Installation and Service
  • Facility Operations Audit
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Filter Repairs
  • Heater Installation & Service
  • Pool & Hot Tub Leak Detection
  • Mechanical/Filtration System Install and Renovation
  • Other Chemical Metering Equipment Installation and Service
  • Outdoor Pool Cleaning & Start-up
  • Plumbing & Piping Repairs
  • Pool Basin Re-surfacing
  • Pool Winterizing
  • Preventative Maintenance Evaluators
  • Pump Installation & Service
  • Salt Chlorine System Service
  • Spray Park Service
  • Surge Tank Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Flow MeasurementĀ 
  • Water Chemistry Controller Installation & Service
  • Water Quality Testing